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MaritimeFox had shoulder injury,then noticed middle finger contracting and diaphragm muscle spasm..help

Could damage to the 7th cervical  V cause a middle finger contraction?....also could damage to the 3-7 cervical V be associated with a muscle spasm of the right diaphragm? this all happened after a right shoulder injury...4 months ago. and 30 sessions of physio therapy..an mri that showed no rips or tears to the shoulder..but i am in great pain. and have been on pain meds since the shoulder injury. I find if i stay really still and don't breath....it settles down. The muscle spasms are like parkinsons symptoms..that affect the right diaphragm and right upper body...Can  any one give me advice.... I am frustrated and in pain... Thanks.
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I have a lot of C-spine problems myself, here's a little information.

Patients who present with a C7 radiculopathy will show have neck pain, lower arm and along the medial border of the scapula. They may experience numbness and tingling into the middle finger.

The phrenic nerve arises in the neck. It is formed from C3, C4, and C5 nerve fibers and descends along the anterior surface of the scalenus anterior muscle before entering the thorax to supply motor and sensory input to the diaphragm.

At what point are you with your treatment, have you had an MRI?
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Thanks for your reply Kalvin, Yes i had an MRI of my right shoulder, it did show strain/sprain of the rotator cuff, but nothing ripped or torn. Also i have had 30 physio therapy sessions (for that right shoulder injury) and from the beginning of these sessions the therapist stated that my severe pain level did not match the injury. For medication i have been on Codeine Contin 200 mg tab every 12 hours. Ratio-Codeine 30 mg take 2 tab every 4 hours for breakthrough pain. Naproxen 500 mg tab twice a day. Mylan-Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg tab three times a day. aproximately 2 weeks after the injury i noticed my middle finger on my left had felt unusual, stiff and clicking joint, soon to be in a contracted position where it would bend to touch the palm of the hand, i could not straighten it out. although with my right hand i could straighten it and i then put a finger splint on it to keep it straight. i remove the splint to exercise the finger so it will be flexible. i have found the contracture to be stronger as more time passes. 9 days ago i woke in the morning with severe muscle spasms, that jolted my right upper body. i was frightened, never having had this happen before. it did not stop, i tried to get up and found that my balance and gait were off i called for help ( to others in my home) they were unsure what to do for me..they assisted me to the kitchen table, and the contractions didn't stop...every few seconds i had a spasm. i called the telecare nurse , and she advised to see the Dr. I did and he said it was like parkinsons symptoms, but he had no idea what was going on with me and referred me to another dr. who i will see next week. since then the spasms remained strong for 6 days non stop, day and night, now being a few days later i have found that if i lay really still,,,with minimal breathing it does settle down,i still feel it  but it is weak now. , as i lay there with the spasms minimal i do an arm movement to see how this affects the spasm,and when i did arm movement to make the pain level high, the muscle spasm ( which appears to me ,to be in the right side of the diaphragm) sharply increases to a strong level. and jolting my right upper body as before. So now i wait to see Another Doctor next week. Thank you so much for reading this, and your information has been greatly appreciated. Sincerely, MaritimeFox.
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