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Meds for facet joint osteoarthritis

I was diagnosed with facet joint osteoarthritis and some degeneration at L5-S1 in spine.  I have pretty bad pain so I  am also getting a MRI to rule out disk buldge. I am on clonazepam for my migraines,  and they only give me Tylenol and Ibuprofen plus a muscle relaxer for 10 days.  I have been taking 10 mg Amitriptyline for 7 years (also for migraine) but they have tried to increase that. I really need help with the pain in order to get moving again.  Any suggestions?
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Can't tell you the names, but there are meds that are specifically for migraines and you're not taking any of them.  They usually use a combination of caffeine and ergotamine, but there are a lot of them out there.  I cured mine by learning TM at my doctor's suggestion.  Everyone has some degeneration in the spine, but that doesn't mean it's causing any pain.  There's no cure for arthritis, but following an anti-inflammatory lifestyle including diet (many foods are associated with inflammation, though not in everyone, but eliminating them can help, including cutting out wheat, dairy, and nightshades which would include foods such as tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, etc.  Surgery can sometimes help but it is invasive, and so can physical therapy, trigger point massage and injections.  Movement helps arthritis.  
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Hi Paxiled
Sometimes doctors use off label drugs for treatment.
I tried for 8 years to get diagnosed with vomiting all night and I have a positive EEG for migraine and negative for all abdominal tests etc.  I was treated with Ergotamines,  Imitrex, then a neurologist tried Doxepin (a tricycling antidepressant). It worked for 6 months. Then I moved and a psychiatrist finally diagnosed me with abdominal migraine.  It is much like cyclic vomiting syndrome.  He put me on clonazepam and after 8 years of suffering I haven't had that in 30 years. I got a migraine specialist later and she agreed plus added 10 mg Amitriptyline and magnesium.  
This has nothing to do with my back pain.
I will write back about that later.
Regarding the back pain, I went for my MRI but couldn't do it. I have to go tomorrow and try a different machine.  Wish me luck.
I finally got the MRI and it was normal except for facet joint osteoarthritis

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