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Melatonin and MS

      Re: Melatonin and MS

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Posted by CCF Neurology MD on February 11, 1998 at 10:08:24:

In Reply to: Melatonin and MS posted by Mark on February 10, 1998 at 14:57:46:

: I am taking a business trip to Japan in two months, and am thinking of taking melatonin to help with the jet lag. I'm RRMS, diagnosed in 1996 with symptoms since 1991. Because MS is an autoimmune disease, and the label warns against taking melatonin in this case, should I really not take it? Will it set off an exacerbation? That's about the last thing I'd want to have happen 6,000 miles from home. Thank you.
Dear Mark,
There are a few studies in the literature, that are trying to link melatonin level variation with some of the cyclic symptoms seen in patients with MS. For example, one function of melatonin is for body temperature control in a specific time pattern (circadian rhythm).  As levels drop the body temperature cools and when the levels are higher the body is warmer.  This fluctuation may account for some of the subtle variation of symptoms seen throughout the day in patients with MS.  One study actually stated that patients symptoms got worse with melatonin supplementation.  Further studies are being conducted. In short, I would not recommend the use of melatonin during your trip. Some additional suggestions that are nonpharmacologic include "reset one's watch" on the plane and to conform to the routine of the destination i.e stay awake all day until the usual evening hour for sleep.  A short acting sedative (e.g.trazolam) may help if taken at bedtime. Talk to your doctor about this as an option.

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