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Memory, Cognative problems

I am experiencing various problems mostly with  memory.  I am 49 and was diagnosed a year ago with diabetes.  My A1C was 6.5. I was very tired. I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat. All I had to do is sit down and start to relax. My brain was not working so well either. My memory was becoming almost a thing of the past. I was having what I call random access bad sectors. It would strike randomly and I never knew if I would recover what I just forgot. I also did not always know I was experiencing a random bad sector. Then I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I was going to school at the time and the first indication was, I went from getting A’s and B’s to getting C’s and D’s.  Very disconcerting for a 3.56 gpa career.  I had not changed how I study.  I thought I had burn out. By January 2007 I was also rather confused at times.  People would speak and I would hear bla, bla, bla, bla.  I would talk and forget what I was saying, even what the subject was.  People would call and I would forget they called and I would forget the contents of conversations. Somewhere in there I also experience weakness on my left side for about 2 months.  

As my blood sugar regulated this all got better for the most part. I was still experiencing random bad sectors. Though now they were not quite so bad nor quite so often.  Within a few months of starting NPH the random bad sectors calmed down to be what some would call senior moments though I am 49 and mine are worse than my 79 yr old mothers. By this time I was not falling asleep so easily anymore either and my A1C’s were down to 5.6.

My memory has never fully recovered. The Doc says that it is not diabetes related. In fact all the docs I have talked to insist it is not and that it is nothing to worry about. I disagree. It does seem to be somewhat related to blood sugars and I think it is something to worry about. This all happened very fast, I was seemingly Ok in September 06 and by Dec 06 I was not. I had always thought it was high blood sugar related however last week I had two days of real bad random bad sectors and my blood sugars were low 81 -130, I was not sick. But man I was dingy and I knew it. I was afraid to drive.  I was confused, had trouble finding words, sometimes understanding, it seemed at times I was looking and moving through a fog. A dimness? Early the first day my legs were a little wobbly.  I was dingy and I knew it.

Now I am back to, hmm, more normal, though I am still having trouble finding words at times, it is random when it strikes.  And my memory is messed up.  I can’t always remember what I know I know.  I call all this random short circuiting.  Since the episode last week this is occurring frequently during the day.  

What could be the cause of all of this?
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I forgot to say that I am a 49 year old woman, I have high cholesterol and take lipitor 10mg.  I have low blood pressure 100/60 but I take 2.5mg of lisinopril for stage 1 kidney failure.  I am on Humulin NPH x 2 a day. 7 units in the am and 4 -5 units at night. Also Advar x2 a day.
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I am having the same issues.  I can't remember any kind of details and I can sleep constantly.  I am currently having test done.  My blood work is normal.  I had 6 hours of testing done and she told me I needed to retrain my brian because I had cognitive issues.  She said it was due to my brain having a breakdown.  I am 40 and in good shape physically.  I have an appt next week to talk with a nuero..something.  I am only on Wellbutrin XL but it is not working for me. This is all very scary to me.  I wish you well soon.  
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