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Menopause and neurological symptoms

Many reputable menopause books and web sites talk about such symptoms as numbness, tingling, and burning, along with "formicatoin" (the feeling of ants or fire ants crawling on the skin). I have been experiencing many of these symptoms over the past several months and so far no other "bona fide" diagnosis has been made. My gynecologist and internist don't seem to support the idea that these symptoms can be hormone related. What do you think?
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Dear Barb:

I am not sure I can answer your question with any certainity.  Yes, I have seen patients with complaints of many types during menopause.  Most of the time these will dissapate over time as the menopause reaches steady-state.  (The symptoms will come and go and eventually go away) However, when the symptoms are in a neurological distribution, persist over time, focal, then likely they are not menopause related.  So alot depends on the quality and quantity, together with the distribution of the symptoms.  Only someone examining you and taking the history will know for sure.  

Sorry, I can't answer your question better.


CCF Neuro MD
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Barb, I have been having the same symptoms as you posted since February.  I am going through menopause also and was wondering if you could tell me what books and what web sites explain this.  I have had no luck locating anything with this information.  My symptoms are much better now that I have been on a HRT. Hang in there if it is hormones it will get better over time.
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E-mail me at ***@**** and I can give you more information. These symptoms don't show up in many of the traditional places, but I've found several other women discuss them in a couple of menopause message boards, and there is a getting-to-be-famous list of 34 symptoms collected by the women from Johns Hopkins.
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I will e-mail you, and thank you!
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All of the symptoms you mentioned are present with Multiple Sclerosis.  There is a connection between the symptoms, HRT and Estriol that is just now being explored.  No the symptoms do not mean you have Multiple Sclerosis.  We control ours with Neurontin.  If it lasts for any lenght of time (6 months or so) I would check with a very knowledgeable Neuro
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