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Microdecompression caused gentital numbness

I just a microdecompression of the L4-L5, where they found nerves wrapped around a bone spur and the disc almost worn out. They made an incision of approx 2 inches long vertical in my lower back.  I orginally had right side back pain and numbness in my leg and foot.  After the surgery I still have numbness in my foot which they said would take a while to go away but i dont have the same back pain any longer.  Just the pain from the surgery.  After they brought me back from surgery I had to use the bathroom, when I got up I lost all control of my bladder and so urinated on the floor.  Later I seemed to regain control of my bladder however my genital area and my buttox and anal area are numb.  Anestheisa said it wouldn't have been from the anestheisa, and my doctor doesnt know why i would be having this he said they did not work in any area that would effect those areas.  Have you ever heard of this happening to anyone?   I see something called Cauda equina syndrome but thats with loss of control of the bladder and bowel..and that is something you usually would have BEFORE surgery for them to work on.  I am very concerned about this numbness.  They kept me in the hospital a day longer to make sure I had control of my bladder and bowels which i did although I am having more difficulty with a bowel movement being regular.  Have you ever heard of this happening?  And does it clear up?
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I am so embarresed, im begging you to please forgive me

had back surg done 12 years ago,c  3 4 5 6 c l those bumpy things they put a plate with what looks like dry wall screws, way longer than needed,i was scolded about my comment ,and by my grandmother to not have back surg.I was told id be paralised..?the man that did my surg,in dallas he tended to the dallas cowboys,and was penticostal..
I did as I was told by the doc,

, now full body neuropathy,loss of nerve feelings entire body ,have perifaral neuropathy in legs,"very severe" take 8 800MG gabapentin a day,i know that's a lot,
I see a normal doctor not a pain clinic..so no narcotics..lyrica was tried,but had severe effect on me..personality...........
2 yrs ago emergency prostate removel,robotic something machine....
he admitted damageing  scraping my ..bladder nerves and another I wont mention."back door" but I haven't had any prob back there,but it was nice of him to tell me ,he was very very sad about howthings turned out,i have no more cancer..so he saved my worthless hide.

end result wear a diaper,in the evening, doc says I have an overflowing bladder,that only emptys half way..
now the same doc after all this time wants me to let him go back in an see if he can help?
im already disabled, and have great fear of more surg.
my surg was done at the """Cleveland clinic,"""  
where I felt very out of place,movie stars go there not hillbilly south Mississippi men go...
I was there for 9 hours and released,"I Ran Out"
I would rather stay the way I am.,in my little country home with my nuoro doc an the gabapentin  pills,an something called vasacare,wich doesent help..but I take anyway,to please him..
that bout covers all the fretting Leroy has,but ill keep you in my prayers at night..
I think you are far more educated than me so I  have no dought youll be ok.
please no yall I live in an area just like I was raised in,in florida..lol our city hall bell rings every hour.2 red lights,and zero shopping on Wednesday,if you need a goat,miniture horse,bushel of oranges,a ""REAL"" pot of shrimp&crab GUmbo,$120.00 that's a pot of gumbo,brought the cast iron skillet my mom gave me.. I am your man...
I hope at least ive made you smile.
im used to issues named Le'roy in south Mississippi
im sorry if I overstepped,an am sorry had to talk bout something so personal
please don't fret bout me...
id rather you laugh at my lack of understanding  using citified talk...bout my own ailments,,
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Thanks for your comment.  You wrote thinking I'm a male and so i looked at my profile and male was checked I guess by accident.  Sorry about that...it doesnt really matter, but I'm a female.  :)   I'm so sorry you are experiencing what you are having to live with.  I'm most concerned with losing control of the bladder/bowel... so hoping that it doesnt go back to that.  Thanks for sharing your information.  And I praise you for resucing abused animals out there.  That is a very wonderful thing you do.  Well if I get any new info on my situation I will try and share.
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I am so sorry im 47 years old,had same surgery,umm they had me on codine 10 pills,10 a day
,now  my best friend was broke period no Viagra or pills would work,after 5 years,i use a drug called caverject..its a tiny insulin needle,an feels like a knat bit,but I am a man again......after ten years,of pills for leg pain,im on a patch made for parkinsons it being touted now for restless legs,i have a very high tolerance,im taking,,the patch is called neuopro its small,an can cause blisters on skin,you must use a different spot..i can handle being 3rd degree burn,its makes me tired,but in men,im quoteing,makes us sexually aggressive..
I wish I could take your pain away..i don't feel worthy of the embarresing things about our friend,my doc is very frank.he actually injected me in his office.dont laugh,i had shorts and a tanktop,i had to get manila folders just to get out of his office.cost of name brand caverject is bout ten bucks a stick,i use a pharmacy he sent me to its bout 50 cents,its compounded drug.
I hope none of yall take offence,or if I crossed a line I am sorry,i the concussion was very bad,i have no short term memory,at all,i am sorry,most guys are not like me,to inject
.only guys know the the panic an fear of loseing ur best friend,i wear a diaper every night before bed,i can cut my liquid an not,have to,yes ive been doing this for years as well,my doc says I have a bladder overflow.surgery may work,or if not a catheder will be with me for life..im so sorry if I repeat or ramble,an my accent is south Mississippi,grandmaw 93 says she will whip me if I lose it..i hope mr jojo ive said something that may help..please do not pity me,i adopt abused animals from a kill shelter an bring them back...I have a wonderful life..thanks so much letting me ramble I hope in som way ive helped ya..I better git my kids need their snacks..
have a great day please..Le'roy trehern
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