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Migraines - Chronic Headaches

Hi, I'm 16 years old, and for about the past four years I've been getting frequent, severe headaches, that last for hours sometimes days. Increasing in intensity just this last year. Sometimes I can't move my fingers or walk properly, I get dizzy, and I become overly sensitive to sound other times. Sometimes it affects my vision, and everything goes blury, and sometimes I see spots. But mostly it feels like something is being torn inside my head. The pain is never centered in one specific place, more like extending from one side, to both sides of my head to the very front or top of my head. I've had a MRI to see if it wasn't being caused by blood clots, or anything else, and the doctors found nothing. They couldn't find anything wrong other than the fact that I'm having migranes. Ibprophen doesn't work, or even cause a dent in helping, and specific over the counter migraine medicine just makes me so dizzy I can't hardly walk, without falling. I need something to help so I can at least be able to make it through the school day. Please help.
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it sounds like you have a retinal migraine where you have the visual disturbances.  It could also be mirgraines with an aura.  You need to see a neurologist and get put on medication to help you control and prevent future migraine attacks.  They can also give you abortive medication to take when you get a migraine that will work a lot better than anything over the counter.  Until you see a doctor, try taking a vitamin B complex or just vitamin b12 if that's all you can find everyday.  Also, try taking magnesium daily.  research a list of migraine triggers, especially food triggers and start changing your diet
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You might have an electrolyte embalance. Try adding more sodium to your diet and drink more water, this should help.

If the falls continue, see your doctor again.

Best of luck!

~ Em
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