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Migraines & Seizures

I am 23 and have been suffering from intense migraines for about 12 years. Seizuresfor about 3 years, but this isn't about the seizures.  I have seen tons of neurologists I have tried multitudes of medications and treatments, such as:

Topamax (m&s)
Zonegran (s&m)
Tegretol (s&m)
Trileptal (s&m)
Fioricet (migraines)
DHE, Botox, Lidocaine Injections 
Occipital Nerve Block
Triptan Drug Class (Allergic)
Voltaren, Lodine , levacet(m)
-Stadol & Nubain(m)
Valium, Ativan, etc...(m&a)
Ibuprofen, aspirin, tylenol
Magnesium supplements(m&heart)
Massage & Chiropractor(m)
Cymbalta, effexor, prozac
-Tylenol 3, percocet, lortab, methadone, dilaudid, morphine(m&gp)

(m-migraines, s-seizures, p-psych, h-heart, gp-general/other pain, a-anxiety, n-nausea)
I keep a journal for these very reasons. I couldn't recall these things if I didn't. I have been doing a lot of research about all of the medicines that could help, including off label uses. Some of them I took for other causes but noted that there were no changes in my migraines while I was on them. I have tried all of them for atleast 2 weeks each, if not more. Very few of them helped in the least, and the ones that had a good effect merely dulled the pain to a semi-tolerable level. I'm soooo frustrated with this. If any one has any ideas, I would be supremely grateful.


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I forgot to say that these migraines are a daily occurrence with aura and nausea, sometimes vomiting.
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Hi there. You should rest in a dark, quiet room during an attack. The timing of treatment is most important and is very effective if given at the start of attack. Simple painkillers taken in soluble or liquid form so that they are absorbed faster.  Suppositories are preferred since nausea or vomiting is a problem. Co-codamol contains paracetamol and codeine with antisickness medicine buclizine. Other combinations of pain killers with anti sickness medicines like domperidone and metoclopramide.  The prescription medicines like triptans, rizatriptan and zolmitriptan come in various forms like nasal sprays, injections and tablets that dissolve on the tongue and can be used for you since nausea and vomiting is an issue. Prophylactic medicines like propranolol, pizotifen and valproate can be tried. It is important to know that any painkiller for headaches or migraines too often or too long can make the headache worse. Life style and dietary advice are important. Hope this helps. Take care.

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