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Migraines and Topamax

Headaches and Migranes run in my family. My battle with Migraines have been unbearable! I have been through bloodwork and cat scans and everything has been "normal"  My Doctor put me on Topamax about a year and a half ago. One pill in the morning and one at night. I have been migraine free!!!!  I tried going off of it January 1st.....4 days later, I had a migraine headache. Needless to say, the following day, I was back on the Topamax. The migraines were horrible..pain so bad..I felt I couldn't function. Nauseau, vomitting, loss of vision..I would get these about 2-3 days a week....I don't even want to think about it! My concern is...will I have to be on a medication the rest of my life!!??  Has anyone suffered from these as well and take a daily preventative?  
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I have had those terrible migraines and I love this drug. Its the only drug that allows me to function without having to take percosets daily.  My headaches landed me in the ER too many times to count.  This drug works and why ever go off of it.  The one side effect from this drug is weight loss and I am happy to report that I am losing 3 to 5 lbs a week for the last month.  I was on predisone for almost 2 years due to my disease so I gained a lot of weight.  But I would NEVER be without this drug as long as continues to work.  I take 50mgs in the morning and 50mgs in the evening.  Now occassionally I still get the start of a horrible headache and I will have to take a percoset, but I was living with them daily before this drug.  I love it.
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I wanted to chime in here because I too suffer from migraines. Mine are in part related cervically, but I had other times suffered from only the migraines. I tried to just rest when I would get them and lay down, turning a fan on me and take hot showers with a shower massage (I still do when I get them). I went to a pain management doctor for a while, probably three years. He would do trigger point injections at the base of my skull on the prominences and those really seemed to help block the nerve portion of the head so that the migraines either were non existent or if I did get one, it was a very slight one and tolerable. I have however, tried blood pressure medications because increased blood pressure will cause the migraines, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light (photophobia) and sounds. I got to the point where when I would have one, I couldn't stand the slightest of light or sound, it would set me off for the worst migraine ever. I would spend days in bed. I know that the blood pressure medicines were supposed to help but all they were doing was to make the migraines worse. I couldn't tolerate an ingredient in the medications. They finally hit upon taking water pills (I take Lasix) as I was having trouble with my water weight and that in turn causes blood pressure to rise and migraines. I have to say honestly that as long as I take my water pills and keep the water and blood pressure under control, unless my neck gives me grief, I stay migraine free! I notice that if I happen to miss a pill even for one day that I'm just asking for it. There are migraine medications out there and you just need to ask the doctor about the various ones. It might have to be a trial period of taking the different ones...you mentioned Topamax and that if you go off of it, you get them...the thing is it's a management type of medication.
You have to understand that there are a multitude of things that can cause migraines, blood pressure being one, lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, are a few of the less serious scenariois.
One thing that I did invest in and it was so worth the investment (make that two things), a cervical neck collar that vibrates and has a gel pack that can heat up or you place it in the freezer for a little bit and get it nice and cold and leave it around your neck for maybe 20 minutes. I bought it at Rite Aid for only $20.00. The other thing that I happened to find at WalMart while I was out Christmas shopping one year was a whirlpool unit that I could put into my bathtub, this too was for only $20.00. It has a place for aromatherapy salts and varying degrees of massage. Whenever I get a migraine, I employ every last thing that I can think of before I lay in bed. I hate to be incapacitated.
I wish you luck but if the headaches persist have them check you out thoroughly and do not settle for an I don't know answer from anyone. Pain management/Neurologists are the best ones to go to for this or a teaching hospital that specializes in headaches. Larger cities have them, I just wouldn't give up until there were some solid answers and relief.
I know about taking medications for the rest of your life, I have to take two...the thing to remember is weighing pros and cons, then think of how much better off you are on them than off...

Take care, take care of yourself first and always!
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