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Migrains-Partial seizures- Meningioma- elevated B6?

I have been under tha care of a several docotors for over a year now. I am 44 yr old female. Presented with flassing lights in peripheral vision sept 2006. MRI showed meningioma. MRI fairly normal. Some slightly bulging discs. Docotrs not concerned. Will address tumor when an issue. Nerve conduction normal. Bloodwork normal. Tested for everything typically tested for- Lymes, MS, cancer, etc. EEG slghtly abnormal- 2 folow up EEG normal. Developed pain or tension that radiates from neck into back of head. Make it difficult to focus, drive, etc. I get nausous and lightheaded especailly if I am using both arms like working at computer, pucheing shopping cart, driving. Also, have occasional ringing of ears. Periods lasts for days or weeks. It can get to the point where I can not find any position that brings relief. On Keppra. worked on symptoms- made me too tired. Now on Topomax. Makes me tired, anxious and depressed. Topomax however does control symptoms. Have tried yoga, acupuncture, physical therapy, Chiropractor, etc. Not much relief.

I did have an injury in April 2005. Was sitting on floor painting woodword and two solid wood door s feel on my head. I had concussion and sutures. Same pain in the base of head but it eventually went away for a awhile.

- I believe that there may be an obscure injury right where my skull and spine connect that has not been diagnosed. Doctor have said physical exam shows this not to be the case because I do not have pain down arms when them move my neck or press in certain areas. All MRI of spine were basically normal except signs of a normal aging spine. What would be the best way to to have this area studied and what specialty would be the right one to study it?

-All bloodwork to this point has been normal until recently when a new docotr tested my potassium and B6 among other things. They were both elevated. B6 was 75 in a range from 2-20 and potassium a little out of range 116 out of range 90-111. i do not take any B6 or potassium supplements. What would cause elevated B6 without supplementation? What would a elevated b6 indcate?

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I have a menigioma as well...and they found an elevated B 6 >100 for no reason.  No answers here either.  They say it's impossible for B 6 to be elevated because it's water soluable??????
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Have you had a repeat test for B6 level done?

Elevated B6 levels are usually associated with excess intake of the vitamin supplements for a long period of time.They may cause numbness in the extremities and loss of balance.If this is correct, an underlying interaction must be happening here since patsy10 has also noted increased B6 level accompanyng her meningoma.

I hope I can help you more with this.

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