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Mild stroke- recovery prognosis

  Had a "mild stroke 3 months ago; left arm and leg had little control.
  After 1 week in a hospital, 2 weeks as in-patient in an high intensity stroke rehab hospital followed by 8 weeks of out-patient therapy I am doing great physically. Left arm is 99% back - only minor tingle in finger tips when arm is very tired. Left leg is very good, balance is 95%, stamina needs a little more work, walk 1/3 of a mile twice a day. Physically I am very pleased with progress todate and it keeps improving. I do 1 hour of therapy exercises at home each day.
  My big problem/question is a tingling sensation in the very bottom of my left foot and a 'heavy' or 'fell sleep' sensation that I get in the lower left calf after I have been on my feet for about 1/2 hour or some days it is  just  happens. It usually lasts or occurs for several days in a row and then goes away for a few days. It is such a wierd sensation it is almost impossible to walk very far - I tend to sit most of those days.
  My GP says " thats part of a stroke, it may or may not go away, nothing can be done about it"
  1)  Is this normal?
  2)  Will it go away?
  3) What should I do to eliminate this sensation?
  4) Is there a specialist I should see?
  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
  I'm so close but still far away.
Dear Bill:
The symptomatology of your stroke suggests that it was likely a right lateral thalamic lacune. Such funny paresthesias, that at times are very unpleasant, are quite common as a PERMANENT residual problem after thalamic strokes. They may be treated with tricyclic agents with some success.
The fact that these symptoms are worse after being on the feet for some time raises the possibility (less likely) that the symptoms are not from a stroke, but rather from a narrowing of your lumbar spine canal.
Seeing a neurologist may help, both to resolve the diagnostic questions, and also to get a therapeutic direction.

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