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For many years I have been getting tunnel vision with blackout vision and dizziness (although I'm still conscious).  It usually lasts a few second to half a minute and then my vision slowly fades back in.  I have to stop whatever I'm doing because it becomes very hard to concentrate and form words.  Sometimes it happens after working out or standing up, but other times it happens when I'm at rest and completely relaxed.  Blood clots and poor circulation run in my family, and I've had signs of both.  I also have low to normal blood pressure.  Am I having mini-strokes?  
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I forgot to add that sometimes I'll be looking at something...anything really, and the whole room starts to shake left to right very quickly.  I touch the side of my eyes to see if they're moving, but they are completely still.  It looks like the room is shaking rapidly around me, but nothing is moving.  Could this be another symptom of whatever is ailing me?
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have u been to see a dr as yet?.....have u been in an accident?...u could have many different things from some kind of seizure activity to a BP issue....ask for a full work up...vitamin and mineral levels, thyroid and a tilt table test.....I know some one with a condition called POTS, and the symptoms are similar, but without going to ur dr u will not know.

I am sure we could make a long list of could be this's.....but that won't help u......after u see the dr, come back and give an update.We will be here for support, no matter what is ailing u.

Good luck
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