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Momentary Lapses of Consciousness

Hi everyone. This is a problem I've had all my life, but it seems to be getting more frequent and dangerous. I have what seems like 1 second or less of complete mental lapse. It has happened as long as I can remember. It has become more and more problematic while I'm driving. I'll be driving along and suddenly without warning, whatever I'm thinking about takes over my mind to the point that I may as well have my eyes closed. I don't see anything around me. It doesn't have to be any heavy or worrisome thoughts either. It's been confusing all these years, because I don't actually black out. So I've treated the problem the same way the adults always suggested I treat it when I was a kid, by "trying to pay attention!"

I've reached a point where I don't know if I should drive anymore. I'm very worried about hurting someone severely or worse. I probably wouldn't be lucky enough to be the one to die in an accident and would have to live with accidentally killing someone.

Does anyone know what may cause this?
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I have almost the same issue. I'll start thinking of something briefly then "snap out of it" and when I do I get confused. Like if i reminisce about living in my old house and "daydream" about it for a moment and come out of it, i get shocked and confused about why i'm not really there. It's scary. And I also stopped driving because of that and a few other issues.

I wish I had an answer for you. I would like to know what causes it myself. But you're not alone.
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No one else has a similar problem? SandCon14, your condition has some similarities, but I'd like some more info. I don't really feel confused after my incidents, just scared if I have a near accident or humiliated if it causes me to do something inexplicably stupid in front of others. The thing that bothers me is that it is so random. I have no way of fighting it other than some type of drug that keeps it at bay 24/7. I have other symptoms that are consistent with ADD/ADHD. Could this be a part of that disorder?

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Sounds like brain fog/cognitive dysfunction. I like to call is space cadet syndrome lol.  I spaced out randomly due to vitamin B12 deficiency.  I had a sky high online score diagnosing my "ADD/ADHD" however my symptoms were from vitamin B12 deficiency.  A couple of websites that list various reasons for brain fog include BRAIN FOG by Lawrence Wilson, MD, and from the Brain Harmony Centre: Brain fog - modern epidemic?
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Thanks for your input! I've been called a space cadet and worse all my life. I've heard of vitamin B deficiency causing lots of weird things, including depression and burning sensations in the toes etc., so that may be something to consider. I've tried the energy drinks that use ridiculous amounts of vitamin B, but too much of it has a worse effect on me than a 4X espresso. Maybe I'll add a B12 to my supplements.
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Here is my related experience to the momentary lapse of consciousness, less than 1 sec., that accounts for my short term memory loss and loss of focus. Although I have yet to get a true clear diagnosis of the disorder, this occurrence helped me to put this into a little perspective. I had just set the microwave for a 30 sec. burn.While watching the digital display count down I observed the following. :30, :29, :27, :26. Wow, what just happened! Not only did I not see :28, as I was counting down the seconds I did not even recall verbalizing 28. Even as I am writing this, I am now understand why when typing, I often miss or transpose letters. An initial diagnosis was a form of ADHD, but I am not convinced that covers this lifetime neurological disorder/problem.
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The answer: You have obstructions of and/or weakness of blood flow to brain. Simple breathing excersices and stretching out your muscles, especially the neck and lower posterior section of cranium GRACEFULLY would produce unprecedented improvement with this problem of yours. Believe me, you've been submerged below you natural capacity for consciousness for quite some time now, it should be hard to believe. Sorry it came 6 years late, but I assure you this method I am suggesting will cure, if not highly improve, this deficit of attention you suffer/suffered from. Be keen, and take great care!
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