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Movement of the cerebellum

what are the reasons your cerebellum  moves or shifts downward?I had an mri two yrs ago, it was fine, had another a month ago and they have told me mine has moved, and that it is not suppose to. I have had two cervical fusions,front and back and have had much dizziness and unbalance and major headaches. They are referring me to a neuroseorgeon. And how much of your cerebellar moving does it start getting dangerous? Mine is like almost or in the top of my neck. I didn't even think that was possoblr. Any info appreciated.    Dana
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Hi.,..sounds like the tonsils of ur cerebellum herniated ...this is a condition called chiari malformation. We do have a support forum here on MedHelp

The tonsils can herniated quit a ways down onto the spinal cord and compress the brainstem.

AS far as why ur tonsils r herniated now as to ur previous MRI, chiari is a congenital condition in which the skull is too small....and nething from a MVA, to a fall can trigger the growth of the tonsils down onto the cord...and that causes increased symptoms.

U do need to locate a true chiari specialist to have ur condition reviewed. also  to check for related conditions.

I hope u decide to join us in the chiari forum for more info and support.

Good luck

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Thanks Selma! They referred me to a neurosurgeon which I haven't seen yet. I was suppose to get back surgery that will have to wait now because he wants this cleared up first. What is the treatment for Chari? They also said it might not be anything, but how is that possible when they also told me your cerebellum is not suppose to Move? Is there anything that could cause it to move and not be anything wrong? Do they treat this with medication? I have had two major cervical fusions with plates in the front and back. I wake most mornings with a horrible headache which seems to get a little better with ibu but then generally comes right back after the ibu wears off. The mornings when I don't have a headache I seem to have a dull ache constantly in the back of my head. How do they diagnose this Chari? They found mine in cat scans and mri(the movement of the cerebellum). I have been everywhere for vertigo, thinking it was due to cervical fusions. I had a very bad injury back in 98 which caused numerous fractures in my neck. My doc says he can't believe I'm alive and walking. I feel lucky I guess. I have had a lot of surgeries from everything from my feet to my neck. Is there anything dangerous about this chari? What does the surgeon do the first time you go to see  him? I am just really curious about this because I never knew part of your brain could sit on your neck.
Your info is greatly appreciated.   Dana
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Hi Dana,

Chiari is dx with a cervical and brain MRI w/wo contrast..plus it is good to have a lumbar and thoracic MRI and a CINE MRI...the CINE is for CSF flow to see if there is a blockage.
Most true chiari specialists will look for a CSF blockage and over crowding ,and then at ur symptoms to determine if u r a surgical candidate...other wise it is monitored and u go to PM...usually pain meds do not help, so u may not have a blockage....
Vertigo is a chiari symptom.

Well u should be checked for sleep apnea....that is one area I feel can be dangerous to stop breathing in the middle of the night.....and if left untreated a syrinx can develop which can put pressure on the spinal cord and that can cause perm nerve damage....a lot of if's and maybe's....

U need to start with a trained chiari dr...not just a NS there is a big difference....

There is no cure, or fix..surgery is only to help prevent the progression if there is nothing else that can be done...ie- again depends on ur symptoms, CSF blockage and overcrowding....these issues can cause other health risks...

Stop by the chiari forum...u will find info in the Health Pages and just on the forum itself.
There r many drs out there that have not been receptive to new info on chiari  or trained in it and it is like the moon landing...too many just do not believe in it....

I had the surgery...and know, it does exist and surgery is the only alternative for many of us.

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