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Multisensory symptoms

I am a 35 y/o WM with progressive symptoms over the last 15 years or so. My symptoms began as myalgias and fatigue and I was diagnosed as fibromyalgia and treated with antidepressants for years.  I've always had sleep trouble and GI complaints, so I seemed to accept this diagnosis.  Over the last 3 months, I began having generalized numbness and tingling with associated burning and hypersensitivity of my skin, a raw feeling in my mouth and painful teeth.  My muscle aches and fatigue continue and seem to get worse with weather change and stress.  Because of my new sensory dysesthesisas, I saw a neurologist.  He obtained an MRI w/ contrast to R/O MS.  The scan was clear.  I've also recently had a normal CBC, CMP, ESR, RF, IgG, IgA, cortrysin stimulation test, TSH, Vit B12.  My doc changed my meds (Celexa) to Effexor.  Over the last 2 weeks, my symptoms have worsend and become unbearable.  I'm a physician assistant and a 4th year med student at present.  I do not feel that my stress load is difficult at this time.  Which is why it is hard to understand my worseing symptoms.  I really don't know what to do.  I've considered the differential of MS for conditions like amyloidosis, porphyria, sarcoidosis, SLE, sjogrens, lime disease.  I have a lime titer pending.  I'm not even sure of which doctor to consult or what to do at this point.  Do you have any suggestions.  Thanks for your help.
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My wife has a similar history... Fibromyalgia diagnosis...Severe burning pain, sensory neuropathy in hands, lower legs and face/ mouth. A fibromyalgia diagnosis is about like complaining of head pains and being diagnosed with a headache... doesn't explain the cause or underlying disease. Some experts have suggested Fibromyalgia may be a strange form of CIDP. Have you considered this? You lime titer will be negative. ANA likely negative also. Moderate or high dose prednisone may help, but the side effects are just awful.
Do you have:

unexplained fevers?
flushing, rashes, autonomic symptoms?

Good luck with this
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Just put my wife in hospital on friday due to shaky legs and ams and could not walk.
she said fibromyalgia was the cause just  a few days before she went in as her symptoms are like that.. she gets numb in the legs but not like its gone to sleep.. but now she can not walk..
todays prelim symptoms hyper thyroid treatments and hormonal treatments. but she stilll cant walk.. saying its long term rehab.. but sounds like they are punting..
shaky limbs
cant walk,
muscles feel like she ran a marathon she says.
eye sight deteriorating...

help.. thanks
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