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My 16 year old developed a right hand tremor

My 16 year old boy came to my wife and I the other day and stated that his right has started to tremble. When he holds his hand out you can see it shake. If I grab his forearm I can feel the nerve jumping under the skin like electrical current.
When the hand is at rest there is no visible shake. He said when he's at work and using the arm he gets some hand pain from the wrist into the hand. He also stated that the arm itself feels heavy. I had him push down on my hands to see if there was a difference in strength, both arms were even. His grip strength was also even. He can close his eyes and touch the tip of his nose correctly. We're going to take him the family doctor early next week. He has no other symptoms except the arm. I'm worried about him this all happened out of the blue 2 weeks ago and he finally brought it to us
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Hi there.  I'm the mom of a teen too and it is always worrisome when they have something like this. Believe it or not, tremors in teens is not uncommon.

There is a long list of what may cause it. Some I'd wonder about with my own teen boy are dehydration, stress/anxiety, low blood sugar, overuse or muscle injury (what is his job, does he use that hand/arm often?), too much caffeine.  There are other potential causes as well.  

It is good to see the doctor and I hope you report back what you hear! Since it is one hand, that leads to you probably worrying about Parkinson's but he is so young and onset would be rare for that.  So, don't worry until you have to.  Again, please let me know what the doctor says.  My son has a lot of anxiety and high school is rough.  He can have slight tremors and it is stress related.  
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Thank you for the response. He goes to the doctor tomorrow. He cooks burgers at a restaurant called Schoops. He said it flares up when he's flipping the spatula in the same motion. He has no other symptoms. I will post tomorrow what the doctor say and do.
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Great, please do update us.  It kind of makes sense that he is doing a lot o burger flipping and having issues in one arm.  My guess that is related to what he is dealing with.  It would be nice to have an explanation like that, right?  Kids sure do worry us!!  So, please do let me know what the doctor says!
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So he went to the doctor yesterday and gave him the basic neuro tests. The doctor said he passed every single one of them. He thinks that the same constant motion it's causing the nerve to be irritated. He suggested giving the arm a rest and wearing a wrist brace. He wants to see him in one week. If it still isn't better after a week he'll send him to a neurologist but he believes nothing will become of it.
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