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My 4 yo had MRI for scoliosis and they found more than that...HELP

My 4 yo son has congenital scoliosis.  His pediatric orthopedic dr had us do a MRI of the brain, neck, and spine.  She said they found that he has a tethered cord and cyst.  She is now sending him to a pediatric neurosurgoen to discuss the findings.  This was all the info i got over the phone.  I don't understand any of it.  Of course looking online does not make it better.  Does anyone know any info they can give me of what to except?  Anything will help at this point.
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Hi...I am sure this is a confusing time....

is ur little guy a tippy toe walker?...does he also have chiari malformation....

the cyst is most likely a syrinx also known as syringomyelia.....and it indicates a CSF blockage....u will want to locate a true chiari specialist...they treat tethered cord, syringomyelia as well as chiari....

We do have a chiari forum, with others with similar issues.....http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Chiari-Malformation/show/257?camp=msc

I invite u to join us.....

I am so sorry ur little guy is going thru this, but with the right info and drs u both will be ok.

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Hi there. I can understand your present plight. Congenital scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that results from anomalies or abnormally developed vertebrae.  These occur in utero and specific abnormalities include hemivertebra, unsegmented bar, which is failure of the normal separation of the individual vertebrae of the spine. The number of abnormal vertebra, their location, growth potential around these abnormal vertebrae determines how severe congenital curvature will become. severe lung disease and neurological deficits develop if this is left untreated. There is a high incidence of other organ abnormalities in these patients like cardiac, genito urinary, intraspinal abnormalities. Certain tests are usually performed like echocardiogram, renal ultrasound, screening MRI of the entire spine. intraspinal abnormalities can include lipomas of spinal canal, scar tissue spicules etc which may require separate treatment from the spinal curvature itself.  Tethered spinal cord syndrome is a group of neurological disorders related to malformation of the spinal cord. these may be lipomeningomyelocoele, dermoids etc. all of thes pull the spinal cord at the base of the spinal canal, hence called tethered cord. Unlike the normal cord, which hags free to move up and down with growth and bending, tethered cord is taut at the end. early surgery is recommended  to prevent further neurological deterioration like  urinary incontinience. Take care.

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No My TannerMan is not a tippy toe walker.  His twin bro died at 3mo 28day from complications with Holoprosencephaly.  Tanner has some midline defects.  His eyes are a little close-set (you can't really tell by looking at him), he only has 1 front tooth (forget the real name of it), and congential scoliosis.  This cyst and tethered cord is a BIG surprise and I'm not sure what to make of it.  Everything I've read doesn't seem to apply to him so I don't know what to except.  Should I worry Should I not....I just don't know.  We still are waiting to go see the Pediatric Neurosurgoen.
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hi my little girl is 4 years old and was born with a cyst on her brain it have never grown just something thats there they told me but last sept she started having really bad head aches and they done an mri of her brain and spine and then told me she has 2 syrinx in her spine also and thats abou al i was tld im waiting to see the neuro the end of tis month again. i am in the same sitiuation as you i have no idea if it will affect her or what way it will?? as selmas said my little girl does tippy toe but not al the time. if you find out anything about this can you let me know thanks
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