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My left leg feels like it is on fire

I have been having this fire feeling in my left leg.
it starts from about my knee to my toes.I have it all day and night.Can you please help with this so i can get help.

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Hi there. The causes of burning sensation in leg could be diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, exercise, sciatica, deep vein thrombosis etc. Diabetics are often afflicted with diabetic neuropathies, which attack the nerves of body. Feet, hands and legs may experience pain, numbness and burning sensation and is seen in longstanding diabetes. Vitamin B 12 is responsible for proper functioning of nervous system and brain. This aids in metabolism and produces energy. This deficiency causes dizziness and tingling in hands, legs and feet. Over vigorous exercise can cause tingling due to lactic acid accumulation. Sciatica is characterized by shooting pain starting in the buttock and travels down to the knee accompanied by a burning sensation. Deep vein thrombosis can cause swelling, pain, redness and burning. You need to consult a neurologist for detailed evaluation of your symptoms and certain investigations to direct the therapy as per the diagnosis. Hope this helps. Take care.

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Came to the internet for help. My left leg feels like it is on fire. This has been going on for 4 months now. when it first started my leg and foot felt like it was freezing. I even put a heat pad on my leg but no matter how hot the heat pad it still felt cold. Now it feels like someone has a match burning my leg. It burns all the time day and night. The blood veins in my left leg stick up. when compared to the other leg you cant see the veins in my right leg at all. I have had no injuries. Went to the doctor 4 months ago and she put me on gabapentin. This does not seem to help at all but I take it at night and it helps me sleep. All this started right before I turned 50. When Im up on my leg a lot driving or mowing. The pain gets so bad I could cry. The burning is in my thigh all the way down to my foot. my foot feels cold at times. behind my knee seems to swell and hurt. Somebody help me please
Have you found any help.  I have exactly the same symptoms     been given different diagnosis, cymbolta gabapentin pain meds.   Nothing works.  The pain and burning can be debilitating. I cant stand or walk fir mire tyan 10 minutes and have to sit , to relieve the burning.   My skin becomes inflamed and swells just above my knee to my thigh.   If you have yad any feed back or diagnosus other tyan myalgia parasthetica please let me know    it has been 6 months unbearable
It's now been over a year and I'm still miserable. I want to cut my leg off it hurts so bad. I tried physical therapy. No help. Epidural shots, no help. Going to a chiropractor that has not helped so far either. I have had a nerve conduction test, X-rays, MRI of my lower spine. Nuro doctor says pinched nerve. I feel like I have tried everything. Now going to pain management. They give me pain meds but so far nothing has worked .
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Hi, it sounds to me that it could be CRPS. I get the same similiar thing with other effects from this.
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I have a lump on my leg it gets hot standing on it or walking. blood test ok had nerve block helps 50% but if I don't set down it gets to I can't take the pain. ultra said says its fat still waiting to see if more test. 1.2 CM he said. If I don't sit down it grows to such a bad pain unlike you can't belief then goes up my back till I almost fall down. Had back surgery shots in back. nerve deadened.  i'm at wits end.   3 years 200,000.00 in bills.  
Hey I had 3 lumps cut out right at the doctors office. I thought that was it. 2 months ago. She showed them to me just fat tissue but not the whole side of my leg hurts and numb. Idk what to tell you. I understand it gets so bad it will go up my back to, I put me on the floor if I stand to long. Shopping drives me crazy it starts in like 5-10 mins and gets worse,  
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Hi I have the same problem. It's most likely your back disk is pushing on your nerve. I had laser spine surgery and felt great and something popped again in my back. I got steroid shots in my back that helped my back some but 6 days ago nerve block shot in my hip for my leg. said I am a little over weight but lost 30 pounds and my leg standing still goes on fire. pain pills do nothing. but its not in my toes just my upper leg. If in your toes it's most likely you back. good luck. I understand how you feel. I did try hemp flower smoking it was the only relief I got or sitting down my leg feels better.  Good Luck
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