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Myoclonus Caused by SSRI's

  : After taking Prozac in March, 1998, I've had several problems such as
  : spinal myoclonus, tingling in arms, legs, and face, headaches, fatigue,
  : etc.  I was told by every doctor I saw that Prozac was not causing this.
  : But, on the MGH Neurology Forum I came across others who felt SSRI's
  : caused neurological-like problems.  I tried taking Zoloft for about a
  : month and went off of it a couple of weeks ago.  While on it, my right
  : leg gave out on me while I walked, a problem I've had off and on since
  : this all began in March. In November I tried a treatment suggested by
  : my doctor at Mayo's: 1000mg of a cortisone/steroid (Methylprednisolone?)
  : administered intraveneously for 5 consecutive days.  After the teatment
  : my symptoms went away for about 2 weeks and then came back and due to
  : the semi-success of this treatment, my Mayo's doctor thought this was
  : probably an autoimmune system disorder that they were unable to detect
  : with all the tests they performed on me.  My questions now are 1)was this
  : caused or set-off by the Prozac, and 2)once off SSRI's will this eventually
  : go away? (I was off SSRI's for a few months with no improvements.)  If this
  : can be caused by SSRI's, people should know this.  I was a very healthy
  : athlete before this all began and could have and would have gone without
  : Prozac if I'd known it could cause what I've been going through.  Thank you
  : for your help.  
  : Michelle
  Michelle,  I'm not the doctor, but I got some sort of neurological disorder with constant fascics, after taking only 5 prozac capsules.  I had a rare eye twitch about twice in my life before I took the med, now I twitch all over all the time--its been going on for 11 months now.  I think that MOST of these reactions to medication do not get reported, and that is the problem.  I know I was unable to get any doctor I saw to report my reaction or even associate it with the med, but myself, my husband and my family all know that my condition was caused by prozac.  I also used to be athletic before this happened--jogging 3 miles a day.  Maybe there is an association between a lot of exercise and SSRI's and neurological disorders??
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