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Mystery Diagnosis- Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy and Back Pain

I have been suffering from chronic back pain after a car accident which was 4 years ago. My pain is primarily a from extreme muscle spasms and tightness in my thoracic spine that does not go away. The spasms are beginning to happen in my low back and on the sides of my ribs as well. I have tried all of the traditional paths- physical therapy, injections, pain management, muscle relaxers, chiropractic, exercise- All with no relief. I recently had another MRI done of my spine and there is nothing that would explain the spasms or pain. My X-ray also does not show anything significant besides severe straightening of the neck due to muscle spasms. I have seen 3 Orthopedic Surgeons who all said they cannot help me. The last one referred me to a neurologist. He had mentioned the possibility of MS due to my NCV test which reported the following: The results of this nerve conduction study show: A decrease in sensory amplitude was recorded in the right median nerve, An increase in sensory distal latency was recorded in both median nerves, both ulnar nerves and both sural nerves. A decrease in motor amplitude was recorded in the right median nerve and the left ulnar nerve. An increase in motor distal latency was recorded in both median
nerves, both ulnar nerves, both peroneal nerves and the left tibial nerve. An increase in F-wave latency was recorded In the right median nerve, the left ulnar nerve and the right tibial nerve. These findings are suggestive of: Sensorimotor poiyneuropathy." I have been losing coordination in my hands and frequently drop things. All of my doctors so far have recommended that I try a spinal cord stimulator implant to help with the pain. I am afraid that if I don't find out the cause now then I will just get worse over time since I am only 22. What steps should I take? Are there any additional tests that would be beneficial? Do I just let this lie and manage the pain? - Also, I had an NCV test done 3 years ago and all findings were normal. Does that mean I am just going to get worse and worse? Help me!!!
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Wow you sound like we have almost the exact same problems, chronic back pain(protrusion @ L2-3/L4-5), recently diagnosed  with carpal tunnel and just past week had another Emg/Ncv on legs,evidence of polyneurpathy w/demyelinating an axonal features,block in the left peroneal motor nerve,delayed nerve conduction and prolonged distal latencies in motor and sensor ,signs of an L5 radiculopaty on the left of chronic nature, I go to dr's in the a.m. I'll let you know what 'we' can expect.
Good luck and hope to hear from, maybe even painfree.
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I was involved in a serious jetski accident a number of years ago and for the first couple of years afterward, experienced debilitating pain. I could no longer run or workout. I had a desk job, and could not deal with the extreme pain while sitting at a desk all day.  I tried several physical therapists, with no positive results. After yet another doctor visit, and yet another recommendation to physical therapy, I went mostly just to satisfy the doctor's prescrption. But this time it was different.  I had a therapist who specialized in back problems. He did things none of the others had done. After working with him quite intensively for 6 months, I finally started seeing results!  Now, several years later, I'm pain free most days!  I've even run 2 marathons since! I do my back exercises religiously, and I have some self imposed things that I can't do without a back flare-up. But I've found a way to manage the problem and live mostly pain free.  My point to you is KEEP TRYING!  Find a physical therapist who really cares for you, and really knows your type of problem. You are young, so the likelihood of your body responding positively to the right therapy is high.
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