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Nack Pain and pinched nerve

  Hello, I've had a neck problem and severe headaches for the past
  two years. The pain radiates from the neck down to left shoulder
  and up to a point behind the left ear.When i turn my head in any
  direction i hear a crackling sound and my ears ring. I had neck x-ray
  which came back good and a carotid doppler which came back good.
  I also had the ears checked and they are ok.
    I had a ct-scan on sinuses which revealed a possible syst on left
  maxillary sinus,it was just a shadow and when antibiots didnt work
  I had minor surgery to have it drained, now i have it back again.
     I've seen a neck surgeon who indicates a probable pinched nerve.
  My family doctor says i just have to live with it. He prescribed
  Novo-NAPROX NA 275 when necessary, It does help somewhat because the headaches have lessened but my neck and shoulder are still sore.
     Im 52 years old and my concentration started to decline when this
  problem started. My doctor said its probably because of the pain but I
  have a feeling that there is something being overlooked.
  Every body seems to be just guessing so where do i go from here.
Thanks for your question.  Some of the symptoms described in your message
could be the result of a mild cervical radiculopathy.  One way to proceed
would be to obtain a more detailed imaging study (ideally a MRI of the
cervical spine).  In addition, an electrophysiological test, such as an
EMG (electromyogram) would provide an additional method to evaluate for
possible nerve root compression.  If you are looking for a second medical
opinion, a neurologist specialized in peripheral nervous system would be
a good option.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.
Please consult your doctor regarding diagnostic and treatment options.

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