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Nearly every MS symptom under the sun

Hi. I am a 30 yr. old female who has been feeling poorly and steadily getting worse. I have seen a GP's, ENT's, a neurologist and my mri has shown nothing.  My problems started in the beginning of July 08 with severe dizziness, lasting 2 days where I couldn't stand up without having to hold on to something. Then, it came in spurts. Few days later, left leg and left arm tingling then pain.  A week later, I noticed 6 black spots in my eye sight. Now for about 3 weeks straight with no relief, I have been having a horrible headache.  Sometimes, the pain is so bad, I want to die. Still having dizziness and spots.  Painkillers are not helping the headaches. Don't know where to turn next. How long before lesions show on an mri?
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Hi there.  I'm a 28 year old female who has been diagnosed with MS and I can't tell you how long it takes lesions to appear.  I had double vision for 3 weeks constantly.  First week, was gradually getting worse and the following 2 was gradually getting back to normal and functioning.  Couldn't work, couldn't drive.  Difficulty walking, balance was way off.  Had mri done on my head and there were "several" lesions.  Got diagnosed with CIS (Clinically Isolated Syndrome), due to the fact that I had only ever experienced 1 attack.  Had another mri 2 years later (was pregnant had 2 kids back to back), with no other attacks.  This time head and neck scan was done and lesions were also found on my neck.  I was immediately diagnosed with MS once that was confirmed.  Was your mri done on both, or more?  What are the doctors telling you if they're not confirming MS?  I'm seeing an experienced chinese acupuncturist who has many MS patients.  TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) might be able to shed some light on this for you.
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I had been through a similar episode and they had run all kinds of tests and scans at one point they guessed i was in late stages of MS.....lots of run arounds and was on a steady decline. It turned out to be extreme chemical sensitivity that had caused many symptoms - loss of vision, balance, slurred speech, severe wieght loss, loss of memory long term and severe short term memory problems, tingling in hands and feet, numbness in face and head, blurred vision, heavy limbs, over heating, twitches, seizures activity, muscle pain and fatigue, concentration, loss my ability to form words and identify objects and on and on. Blood test showed increased white cells and at one point I was told my body was fighting itself 'for some reason'. another point i was being tested for liver disease, rare migraine disorder, cancer there were so many things I cant even remember them all. One surgeon was ready to open me up because he believed there was pressure somewhere, they wanted to put a stint in the artery feeding the brain, they were going to take some tissue.....it was insane - so was I! Luckily my wife was taking care of things because I had no clue what was happening and was agreeing to anything.

I was literally on my death bed and they could not find anything wrong through testing. We had to go through hell but eventually linked it to the chemicals in the floors that I was installing for many years.
Today I am recovering and the only symptoms left are some memory issues and if I am near any heavy petro chemicals or flooring I do get fatigue and speech issues. Other than that I am doing great and recovering.
There are many case of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) out there from many chemicals....in the air and in our foods. Do some research on the interenet about it you never know. There are cases of extreme toxicity from perfumes, household cleaners, air fresheners, static sheets for clothes and many things you never think about but people are becoming very ill from these things and people struggle through tests and doctors as it is overlooked.
MCS is only recently recognized in the medical arena and still quite overlooked or under diagnosed.
Something to think about. Doctors are great but they are not gods and we need to help ourselves at the same time. TCM is a good place to look as well. I have used suppliments to further detox my body and it has sped my recovery.

Good luck!
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