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Neck Pain. Doctors are Clueless!!

Okay, so for a little over a year ive had this burning stinging pain in both sides of my neck (Its almost by my shooulders) and ive had a million tests done, blood work, two MRIs of the brain and neck,EMGs, and ultra sound of the vains in my neck (Because sometimes when i stand up and stretch my eyes go blurry and i almost fall) Urine fesis samples.
All of these either come back normal or only slightly elevated. Ive hurt my neck twice the first time i was camping and i popped it our of place or something and i couldnt turn my head. The second time i had been doing the crab walk and my back was sore, then the day after i did the crab walk i was walking down the stairs and i dont know what i did but i heard a pop and my whole body hurt i couldnt walk up the stairs. \

Sorry this kinda jumps all over hte place and is confusing. But id really appriciate anyones help. Im 16 and this kinda puts a damper on things.
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I just went to a neurologist for the same and I have pinched nerves in my neck.Good Luck.
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Hi...I wonder if ur joints sublex...pop in and out of joint and has something pinched like lola suggested.

Ask for copies of ur MRI's and the reports so if u need to see another dr u have all the info....but do look at conditions like Ehlers-Danlos....or at the possibility u r double jointed and ur joints r moving more than u know.

Good luck
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Thank you. =]. I'll look into that.
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check into syringomyelia, it's diagnosed by a full spine MRI, you can get them from injuries.  My son was recently diagnosed with one, it also disrupts CSF flow, which can change the pressure within your head, and related to Arnold Chiari Malformation.  Either way a full spine MRI is suggested Good luck
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