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Need some answers

Hello sir/madam, i m guitar player & i wants to do 20 hours guitar practice each day. is there anything wrong if i do 20 hours a day practice and sleep only for 4 hourrS. neurologist often suggest 6 hours a day sleep is very essential for good health but homas edison never slept more than a 4 hours a day.. even very successful peoples never sleeps more than 4 hours a day but still they are fit and happy.
thank you very much.
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Dear Amit,
You are becoming obsessed with your guitar playing, if I can be so bold.  Let us say your grandmother was doing sewing from the time she woke up in the morning until late into the night, and was only getting a few hours of sleep at night.  Would you liken her to Thomas Edison?  Or would you tell her to put down the sewing and find other fun things to do with her family, to sleep better, eat better, and basically enjoy all the things that life has to offer?

Sure, you can go right on and play and play and play, with little sleep.  You can even liken yourself to some Presidents of these United States, I think Jack Kennedy was one, who only needed to sleep a few hours per night, with a couple naps during the day.  But the problem with all that is, Kennedy and Edison did MANY other things besides play guitar.  Edison took vacations, he read a lot, he worked on his various and sundry inventions, he had a home, family, children, and a garden.  And Kennedy had to not only run the country, but he also went sailing off his beach compound in Massachusetts, played football with his brothers, and spent time with his wife and children.

The sleep, while important, and it's EIGHT hours as the norm, is not the issue here.  What IS the issue is that you spend all your waking hours playing guitar.  Most people only need to practice a few hours a day to get really good at what they're doing.  If B.B. King did nothing but play his guitar, how could he sing so solefully all those tunes about the blues, when would he have time to buy all the fancy clothes he wears, and what experiences would he draw from when he talks to folks on stage?  You must be a well-rounded personage to make the best use of your technical skills on a musical instrument.  Else, what is all of your ability for?  When are you going to squeeze in everything that goes into a performance one day with a band, IF you have time for a performance, if you don't have time to socialize with your bandmates, don't know how to make a plane reservation, have no earthly idea what the songs you're playing mean, and so forth.

If you cannot break the frankly comical habit of continually playing your guitar, then you should visit a psychiatrist who can explain to you a whole lot better than I can how come this is not good for you, and in fact will drive you nuts, and they can help you get back to doing stuff that will boost your confidence and release feel-good endorphins the same way as guitar, give you medicine to help you out with this on a temporary basis until you become a normal person again.  Right now you are an obsessive compulsive person, you got OCD, and you need treatment.  You will thank me later, just take a leap of faith and give it a shot.  You don't have to give up guitar; just give it a break now and then, for crying out loud.  If you try to seek medical help for two months and STILL don't see how come it's not okay to keep playing at the cost of LIFE, well, keep in mind folks don't pay to see guitar players perform in a mental hospital.
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