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Nerve Conductor Test and EMG for Sensory Damage

  I had a Nerve Conductor test that showed Sensory damage.  My Doctor called it patchy because I have it in many places.  If it is pure sensory do I have to do a EMG test? Can that be harmful or risky? what information will that give that the Nerve Conductor test did not?
  Is it safe to give repeated nerve Conductor tests.  My doctor wants to do another and just did one last month?
  Can you also tell me if your B12 is low but in normal range if it could cause a sensory neuropathy.
  Many thanks.,
Thanks for your question.  The Needle Electromyographic Examination (NEE),
which is frequently called the Electromyography (EMG) part of the study
is capable to detecting subtle axonal-loss type lesions that might be missed
during the Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS).  It is an exam that involves the
direct study of the electric activity of the muscle (both during contraction
and during relaxation) through the use of a needle electrode.  Because it
involves the insertion of the electrode into the muscle, it is mildly
uncomfortable, but no more than a vaccine shot.  The NCS can be repeated
without any risks to the patient; the amount of electric current used
for stimulation presents no health risks.  A more sensitive test to detect
anomalies in the metabolism of Vit. B12 is the blood level of Methyl-malonic
acid, which is one of the metabolites of the B12 pathways.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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