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Nerve Damage

I have been in constant pain since having my gall bladder removed on August 28, 2008.  It is a sharp, burning fire in my right side.  The two specialist (Neurologist & Pain Management) I've seen since have said this appears to be a classic case of nerve damage.  I have had one nerve block that gave some relief for a couple of days, and have tried Lyrica (which I couldn't tolerate) and now Cymbalta, which is giving me some side effects at 30 mg a day.

I have been taking Meprozine 50/25 mg and Zanaflex 12 mg morning and night just to get through each day.  I also use topical Lidocaine ointment on the area around the surgery site.  The worst pain is inside my body just under my right ribs.  It goes down my abdomen a few inches, almost to the center of my sternum, and around my right side.

I am searching for some treatment or program that can relieve this constant pain that has taken my life away.  My day consists of lying in bed, on pillows, trying to get into the least painful position I can.  I also can't take deep breaths or stretch without intensifying the pain.  It is a chore to shower or even go to the bathroom.  

Can someone please help?
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Hope you are feeling better.
Medications and nerve blocks are the treatment for nerve damage due to colecystectomy. The symptoms improve over time so please be patient. You can also try alternative therapy like acupressure and acupuncture. B complex supplements will also help.
Take care!

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I am not getting better.  I get monthly B-12 shots ( have gotten them for the last 12 months).  I can not tolerate Cymbalta, I am getting these side effects at 30mg: Tremors, Blurred vision, Chills, Muscle spasms, Abnormal dreams, Cough, Vertigo, fast heart rate, runny nose, Drowsiness, Sore throat, Canker sores, Ear pain, Jaw pain, and IBS.  My doctor has told me to discontinue use.  I am now left to deal with this with only Zanaflex and mild pain killers.  

The pain is excruciating, I can not take deep breaths or use my right arm normally - because to do so increases my pain.  How long is this supposed to last?  How am I supposed to be patient and deal with my life being totally interrupted?  I can't work, keep house, cook, or much of anything else.

Is there a type of doctor that specializes in this type of nerve damage?  What else can I do to help this?
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I had my gall bladder removed on Oct. 29th and am going through the same exact pain you are.  I was just this Monday (11/24) diagnosis and put on Gabapentin.  This is only my 2nd day on it so I wont know if it work for a while. I was told it can take 3-6 months for the nerves to heal.  I hope you can fin some relief as I know the pain you are feeling.  I work full-time and it is sooo hard to get through the work day.  All I want to do is lay down.
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Hi! Thanks for commenting, I believe that this type of thing happens more than they would like us to think.  I can't tolerate most types of drugs, I am allergic to most pharmaceuticals.  I have not been able to go back to work; thankfully I am a state employee and qualify for catastrophic leave (for up to six months).  I don't know what I would do if I didn't, I carry the health insurance for our family and we would lose it if not.  

I am seeing a new Neurologist, she seems to be pretty good.  She gave me a really good first visit exaime (better than my old one did in all the 3 years I was seeing him for my Fibromyalgia).  She had me try Topamax, but the side effects are very bad for me, I see her again next week.

I also see a Pain Management doctor, he changed my pain meds yesterday because he is concern with tolerance levels; we'll see if Darvocet works for my pain as well.  I usually get very sick from pain meds too, Demerol doesn't make me sick and lets me get some good sleep.

I spend most of my days in bed, my husband has taken over everything in the house, I can't even stand long enough to prepare a full meal.  I have lost close to 25 pounds since my surgery.  I still can't eat much, and never feel hungry.  I mostly eat steamed veggies.

I hope the Gabapentin works for you, and you can get back to were you where before the surgery!  Please stay in touch and let me know how you're doing.

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Hi I have had 5 caesareans, my most recent was 18 months ago, and I have been getting sharp burning sensations just above the scar to one side for the past 12 months. It has been getting progressively worse to the point where clothes brushing along my skin brings me pain. It used to be related to my cycle, so I was thinking perhaps I had adhesions which was causing the pain during times of cramping, but it has become so frequent it is now almost constant. It is worse when I move from sitting to standing, or vice versa, and even the lightest touch makes me jump. I am incredibly uncomfortable and it does sound as though I have nerve damage from the surgeries, which I am disheartened to hear can't be fixed, but only managed with medication :(
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