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Nerve Healing after plastic surgery

I had plastic surgery about 11 months ago. I had a brow lift and a face lift. Everything looks good,however I am still having problems with some feelings of tightness or pulling on the top of my head and tingling and itching. It feels alittle hot at times too. The left side of my face is a little numb, although I can actually feel everything there is a numblike feeling and under my chin. It drives me crazy and makes me feel uncomfortable and wierd at times. I just wish it would go a way and I would feel "normal" again. My doctor said it sometimes take a year and sometimes more for things to completely heal.
I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem and if you think it will heal eventually. I am very hopeful although it has caused me a tremendous amount of anxiety. I appreciate your help with this problem. Also is there anything I can do or take. I am trying differnt things and very open to your ideas and suggestions. I read about the GH7 cellular supplement that has helpe some with nerve healing. What do you think about this product and do you think it would help and is there anything else I can do to help  with this nerve healing. I can feel everything  on the side of my face, under my chin and the top of my head but there is a numb like feeling and tingling and pulling feeling that drives me crazy at times. Please help. I wish I hadn't had it done now and I just want to feel good again and not have to deal with this problem. There are so many ofther things in life I want to enjoy and this has taken it's tow on me. Thank you very much.

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I had jaw surgery about 4 months ago on my top and bottom jaw. For the first week to two weeks my nose,cheeks,lip and gums were numb. Now four months later I feel back to normal except one side of my bottom lip and a little on my chin is still numb.I started
noticing when I am smiling and talking I feel how one side is not responding. I am trying to be patience but its hard when its your face, and most of all im embrassed to laugh because thats when its most noticeable. So im gonna research Gh7 and see if it helps and ask my oral surgeon if there is anything I can do.
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I had abdominoplasty "Tummy Tuck" in July and my lower abdomen is still numb. I can't feel a thing. It trips me out cause I pretend that it's itching and when I scratch I can't feel my touch. It's pretty wierd. Although it is getting a little better. I am having this on going problem with my nerves. Whenever someone touches me around my stomach or even on my thighs I jump right out of my skin. It is starting to bother my husband, cause he feels like he can't touch me anymore. I'm affraid to go get my yearly pap cause the doctor will have to press on my stomach and I know I will kick him! LOL. Is anyone else feeling any nerve problems after a surgery? I read there was something you can take to help the nerve healing but I don't know how affective it is. I recently had spinal surgery a couple of days ago and I still feel a numbing in my left foot and again if my husband touches me on my leg I jump. I just hope I don't end up in divorce over this. LOL Any thoughts or help is much appreciated.
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I had leg surgery 2 weeks ago and it is very numb.  Especially my knee.  But it is getting a bit better.  I am taking a good B complex vitamin and using a body oil that has St. John's Wort/Hypericum Perforatum in it which helps nerve healing.  I have noticed improvement and massaging the area to increase circulation is said to help.  My sister had several foot surgeries and these things helped her.  Also nerve healing and regeneration does take time.

It feels really weird but I guess we have to be patient!

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I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. I had spine surgery on my neck almost 7 months ago and it has been a battle. I have nerve issues as well except they are not sure on my diagnosis as of yet. I have burning sensations in my neck and sometimes under my breasts, my abdomen and sometimes my arms.  They say it might be a nerve root compression but not sure yet. I would start taking Vit B12 tabs and try Colustrum. I have been told by someone this helps inflammation and for nerve healing as well..  Hope you heal soon. It is a long road. They say it could take up to 18 months.
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