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Nervous Tick

Recently I was told by a doctor that I have a nervous tick. We went in just because my eyes had been rolling into the back of my head, but looking back we found quite a few ticks that have changed over the past year - such as biting my lower lip, constantly licking my lips, feeling a constant need to pop my neck. Then i felt a tightness in the middle of my forhead that i kept trying to get rid of by "stretching" my face - eventually this evolved into my eyes rolling back into my head. Right now i'm on some medication called 10x or something - this is used to help lessen the tick (it can happen several times a minute) and help control the throbbing headaches that i get at night above my left eye - which feels like it might pop out of my head by the end of the night.
    my doc says these ticks could be a result of A.D.D. medication - but i've stopped taking it and still no changes - or a small OCD symptom.       I've also been to the eye doctor to make sure it wasn't causing any problems or caused by any problems since the pain can be so intense it can make me cry.

  i'm a teenager just looking for a cure to this embarrasing tick that can make people think i'm a brat rolling my eyes at them...or cause fear that i'm seizing.  

any advice?
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How old are you now? Do you also experience vocal tics such as hiccuping, throat clearing, using different voice intonations, or repeating one's own words? Is there a history of tic disorder in your family?

Some attention-deficit disorder medications can indeed cause tics as a side-effect of the drugs. How long have you been off the medications? It usually takes a several weeks for the tics to go away. However, if a family history of tic disorder is present, the tics may not go away.

You mentioned mild obsessive-compulsive disorder as one condition that could be causing your symptoms. If this is so, it might be advisable to talk to a counselor or psychiatrist to try and address these symptoms to determine whether an association is possible.

Your headaches may not be related to the tic disorder and could be due to migraines or sinus headaches. It would be best to have a doctor evaluate your symptoms.

Hope this helps.

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i'm 17 and we don't know of any family history of tics - but one of my parents was adopted and we don't have access to complete medical history and i don't have any vocal tics - atleast not now.....i used to clear my throat constantly. I haven't been off my medicine that long - i have to have it to focus in school. they thought at first it might because of high levels of stress and nervousness, but after talking to the school counselor and my doctor, my stress and nervousness has gone down alot.  

thanks alot
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im 18 i basicali hav the same thing
but my eyes dont roll back
i cringe my face all day, my noise with my throat, fell discomfort in my knees, i want to say something but do all the other stuff for a minute befor saying it.
did you do anything to stop or its going on
wheen i concentrate i can stop but i concentrate on something else it comes back
and if your on a wheelchair u can look retarded ahahahah  oooohhh.....
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I HAVE THE EXACT SAME THING! my eyes roll back and i crunch my face. I also suck in my stomache, rub inbetweeen my eyes with EVERYTHING, when im driving (learners permit) i push my chink to my neck and rub it and do crazy thingds with my neck, and i twitch. I really don't know what to do about it because people notice it more and more everyday. My mom is looking into medicane but do you have any sugestuions?
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Im 24 years old and I have the same exact problem with constantly rolling my eyes into the back of my head non stop everyday., Severe head aches from rolling my eyesCringe my face, clear my throat. It is really embarrassing and in need of help for the disorder. Is there any med out there that can help with this problem? Is it something serious? Are the problems i am having considered tics?. Please help.
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Some of the symptoms you guys are describing, especially the eye-rolling, face-cringing, and joint-popping are exactly what I have been dealing with.  I'm currently 24 and have had very mild nervous tics for over a decade, maybe even 15 years or so.

The more I read up on it the less I think that it's a physical problem and more I feel it must be psychological or neurological.  I'd highly recommend you see a psychologist or neurologist to get a better grasp on the issue.  Also realize there won't be a "silver bullet" as a cure but rather you may have to undergo cognitive behavior therapy or psychotherapy for several months (if not years) before it starts to get better.
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