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Neurological Symptoms of Anxiety/Depression

  I'm 30 with a lot of anxiety and depression.  My question is, what neurological symptoms (if any) can anxiety and depression produce?  I ask this question because since I became depressed 1.5 months ago I started to develop a series of symptoms.  I wake up with a general body ache like if I did not sleep at all.  I feel weakness in my arms and legs.  Pain in muscles and joints.  Sometimes fatigue.
  Thank you for your answer.
Dear JP:
Anxiety and depression can cause a wide range of neurological symptoms. These include migrating numbness, tingling, sense of weakness, fatigue, tremor, memory problems, problems concentrating, problems with sleep, perceived speech difficulty, dizziness, blurred vision, sensation of near-fainting, ringing in th ears, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, neck and back pains, headaches, bodyaches and myalgias, urinary symptoms, impotence, lack of balance, etc.
It is the job of the neurologist to seperate such complaints from similar symptoms resulting from serious neurological disease. Also, one needs to be aware that depression may at times result from neurological disease (such as Parkinson's disease), and that both depression and neurological symptoms may result from a medical problem (such as thyroid disease or vitamin deficiency)
I hope this answers your question.

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