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Neurological Symptoms w/Fibromyalgia

I have numerous symptoms and I was wondering if they all stem from being diagnosed 13 years ago with Fibromyalgia?  One of my chief complaints is I get what I could describe as electrical shocks that start in my head and kind-of shoot through my body.  They are very painful and seem to disappear with continued use of Lexapro (my dr. prescribed this for my fibro).  However, I have other problems as well.  I have severe allergies, in which my dr. has prescribed Zyrtec and Flonase.  Do my symptoms relate?  What kind of dr should I see?  My GP just keeps prescribing stuff to mask symptoms which don't always work.  I sick of feeling like ****!  He has done a CBC in which my thyroid was normal, and only showed elevated cholesterol.  
My symptoms include: electrical type shocks, constant nausea (despite use of phenegran), dizziness, regurgitation, mid-chest constant burning of stomach, excessive appetite, weight gain of 60 lbs in 6 months, sinus pressure (my sinus x-rays are clear), muscle soreness/stiffness (especially in my shoulders), burning sensation in muscles, constant dull overall headache (this is feeling good to me), fatigue, flatulence, rectal bleeding, feeling "off".   I have had these symptoms for over a year, which keep seeming to get progressively worse.  I don't know what to do, my GP says I'm fine, and my chiropractor says that my symptoms are caused from misalignment of my back but manipulation doesn't seem to help either.  I am desperate....sometimes I feel so horrible I feel like I'm dying.  Can someone please help me??
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AN electrical sensation that descends from the neck after neck flexion and extension can be an indicator of a problem in the spinal cord, and should prompt some neuroimaging. Otherwise it may be a mnaifestation of central pain, that can be modulated by a serotonin acting medication like Lexapro, as may be the case in yours. I do not know the nature of you allergy symptoms so cannot realte them to the above.
It is difficult to attribute all your symptoms to one neurological disorder, although some disorders that could be evaluated for would be obstructuve sleep apnea (causes fatigue, more common after rapid weight gain), diabetes, celiac disease (blood tests available, gluten diet sensitivity), polymyalgia rheumatica (WSR blood test check for this) and even weight gain/being overweight. IF no diagnosis canbe found at this point, try losing weight, exercise, sleeping and eating well, and avoiding the use of over the counter medication other than judicious use of tylenol for a few weeks and see if you feel better. It is important though to keep following with your doctor as your symptoms develop.

Good luck
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I forgot to mention that I have been treated for migraines as well with Maxalt....It helps a little, but the constant dullness NEVER goes away.  Don't know if this relates either, but I have had really unbearable PMS symptoms and extremely heavy periods the past two months.  I almost can't stand being around myself!  I have been EXTREMELY moody.  I had not been sleeping well, in which my doctor has prescribed Lunesta.  I am resting better and feel like I have gotten enough sleep, but none of the other symptoms have changed.
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Hi,Just read your post,I am not a doctor.But from what I read in your post,it sounds like symptoms of cushings syndrome.The excessive hunger really stood out.You need to look in to seeing a good endocrinologist,maybe one who specializes in neuroendocrinology.Check with your GP for a referral.Good luck To You Raven33.
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Get off of the Lexapro and you will see the nausea disappear.  If you are able to get off of all prescribed medication and not freak out, do it.  These medications are highly toxic and not good for you at all.  Like you said, all they do is mask the problem.  Start looking into all natural remedies and self healing.
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To the ladies post above...PLEASE get to a neurologist and request a MRI/Brain scan and or e-val for Multiple Sclerosis!!! I was diagnosed with and treated erroneously for 5 years with Fibromyalgia. Despite recurring problems over the years I was able to manage my symptoms but the many meds they had me on did not help. Last year in August I ended up with a systemic GI tract infection with rectal bleeding because I could not defecate for 5 days at a time. No cause ever found despite a whole GI work up. I started getting severe fatigue, numbness in fingers, and tingling and weakness in legs when bending my neck! After YELLING at the Neurologist who said "you have fibromyalgia" she asked me if I had ever had a brain scan. I had had MANY blood work packages, spinal MRI's etc...but no, never a brain scan. I was scheduled in Feb of this year. When I finally received the results (and a new neurologist) this March I was immediately diagnosed with MS. I had 14 brain lesions and one of significent size in my cervical spinal cord. I did progress to the point of having a hard time walking by mid april but thank God for Avonex and the help of my PCP and new Neuro I am back to work. You may not have MS but your symptoms are very similar to what I suffered with for a LONG time, while the damage continued to be done. I GP that tells you you are fine with all the symptoms you have needs to be replaced. Weather, somatic, physical or neurological your symptoms need to be addressed. Some counseling support may be helpful too and frankly, when all my results kept coming up negative over the years I thought I was a hypochondriac or nuts. This and feeeling bad affected my work, relationships, and self worth. GOOD Luck to you. By the way, the next flexing thing is called the L'hermittes syndrome and is usually related to spinal cord compression or a hallmark sign of MS.
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Hi Angela,

As a fellow Fibromyalgiac, I have to say that some of what you listed as symptoms just baffled me.  I've been living with it for almost 10 years now...and for the record, I can't stand it when someone says "you're fine" but insists on turning you into a walking pharmacy.  But while they are not "Fibro" symptoms, it doesn't mean that everything is fine.  Many times if there are medications involved, especially more than one, an alteration lifestyle and diet help tremendously.  Also, while I'm not a doctor, I was a nurse for 11 years until I couldn't do the clinical care anymore due to the Fibro.  I'll say this much though; its not the Fibro that you are describing.

You listed:

"regurgitation, mid-chest constant burning of stomach" -- have you been evaluated for Acid Reflux Disease or GERD?

"sinus pressure (my sinus x-rays are clear), muscle soreness/stiffness (especially in my shoulders), burning sensation in muscles, constant dull overall headache (this is feeling good to me), fatigue,  dizziness, feeling "off" " -- those are typical symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  

"constant nausea (despite use of phenegran),  excessive appetite, weight gain of 60 lbs in 6 months," --  What medications are you on?  Many different medications will cause these particular side-effects.  Check with your doctor and/or pharmacist on this.

"flatulence, rectal bleeding" -- Many things including food can cause the flatulence, and as for the rectal bleeding, is it possible you have hemorrhoids? Again, check with your doc on this.

I wish you luck...

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I have had Fibro for 13 years, and didn't try any medicinal treatments for more than 5 years of that time. While I do prefer more natural therapies, I cannot say enough about the benefits of a sleep aid. I've known a number of people who also have Fibromyalgia, and something that worked for one didn't necessarily work for all.
   My symptoms do seem to be worsening over the past 2 years, but I do know I am not as aggresive as others in my treatment. These symptoms seems to be very similar to yours: GERD, irritable bowel, hyperglycemia. I do beleive these problems are all secondary, and if I handled my Fibro better these would all be better, too.
  Any physician who treats you needs to be willing to let you make some decisions on your own, and maybe even try a variety of treatment options. For me, amitryptiline works wonders. For a friens, it's Remeron. For another, Tylenol PM works (although this doesn't induce a natural sleep, she swears it is all she needs). If you're like the Fibro sufferers I know, you may want to scream when told, "lose weight and exercise", but try some light yoga. I have found that even simple stretches really help me feel better. Good luck, and don't let yourself get down!
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I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 8 years ago. I have all your symtems plus more except the electrical shocks you mentioned. I bought this book
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I have the same symptoms and had been chasing answers for 13 years. In addition to the Fibromyalgia diagnosis...I found out -finally- the my rhuemotologist missed and MRI from 2 years ago of my c-spine. I have Compressive Cervical Myelopathy and had spine surgery in early Dec.1. Anyone who has these symptoms ( the numbenss, tingling, shocklike sensations, needs to get MRI's done. Oh and make sure they actually read them!!

I had an anterior cervical fusion done on c5-c7. What a trip. I was told by my neurologist and ortho surgeon that I won't know for a full year what is permenant damage to my spinal cord (casued by the years of compression). Ironically, I am finding that certain studies show there may be a link between spinal diseases and Fibro.

What is sooo frustrating is that I am no where near better or near going back to work. Its bad enough I pretty much deteriorated in front of everyone I worked with for the past...10 years..especially last two. I am "only" 40 and now weigh only 90lbs from all this. The people I work(ed) with have been wonderful.

ok..here is the kicker and I don't know what to do. I went to my two month follow up with the surgeon who says my plate is in place!! He doesn't even ask me how I am and continues on to say that I am done seeing him. I was speechless. I can't move my neck, I have no idea what I can and cannot do. I know I can't return to work or I'll lose my job. So I ask him who I need to see next because my symptoms are worse. I told him that my insurance needs a statement that states it takes a year before my spine fully adjusts and that I am under someones care. Thats all. He looks at me and says " you will never be normal". "You will always be in a pain filled life and its time to start getting used to it.". I was dumbfounded. Here I sat with tears streaming down my face. And then he says...almost mad.. "what? do want to go to physical therapy now?" I was shocked...and I said " you should be telling me that." Then his assistant who can clearly see that this is wrong, pipes in and says "soft..soft therapy!" Yes...I guess so. I am a 90lb woman who is struglling with fibro and a spine disease. I do not feel sorry for myself. In fact I rejoiced at finally getting definitive answers. Guess what? It didn't do me anygood except to add metal into my body which already rejects almost everything! I know I needed the surgery to at the least protect my spine. Still I can't believe how badly we can be treated.

Luckily my primary care is helping me get a plan together to try to get on my feet so to speak. She is going to try to get me another 6 months off. Still, this is never what I wanted..to be on disabilty!! And to be treated like thats all everyone wants. They don't know how humiliating it is to call into work over and over and lose your self esteem for it. I had an excellent 17 year career at my workplace, and have communtiy service awards. I know...I am rambling. I am hoping someone reads this and can offer some words of advice....

Thanks so much. And anyone reading this...please get MRI's and keep your chim up. You aren't alone.

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