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Neurontin escalating Pain?

  : : I kept increasing dosages of Neurontin as indicated per my Doctor to treat my polysensory Neuropathy.  The more pain I had the more the drug was increased and the worse the pain. Hence we kept increasing the dosage!  I tried lowering it by 100mg  one day and had even more severe pain so increased the dosage  again as directed by my neurologist. .  Before I started the Neurontin while I was in pain,  I had less pain before Neurontin usage as it seems on the medication.  I couldn't determine if my pain was increasing because my condition was worsening or the Neurontin was creating the situation.  That is why I tried the lowering of 100 mg test.
  : : Just this week I received my first B12 shot after my B12 came back low. Today I have yet to take any neurontin and while I still have dull pain I don't have the intense pain from hell I did on Neurontin.  I have had no Neurontin in my system for 15 hours.
  : : Since I read somewhere where Neurontin  or Antiseizure meds can effect B12, I wonder if the combination of Getting the first B12 injection and stopping the Neurontin cold turkey has created less pain.  
  : : I asked MY neurologist if I had to be weaned off the Neurontin and he said no you can just STOP it.  He said when it's used for Nerve pain the only side effect was perhaps acute pain from going off it abruptly.  
  : : Maybe at the end of the day I'l change my tune.  When I complained that  increasing the dosages of neurontin seemed to increase the pain, my Neurologist suggested taking Ultram and Neurontin together.  But now I'm wondering why only 1 shot of B12 along with stopping Neurontin cold turkey seems to have created less pain for me!
  : :  The true test is at night when pain escalates.  But prior to going on the Neurontin my pain from my Neuropathy was more episodic.  I was burning all the time but then suddenly would have flair ups of intense burning.
  : : Since going on the Neurontin the intense flair ups were more constant?
  : : What do you think?
  : ===========================================================================
  : I doubt very much if there is any relationship between escalating doses of
  : Neurontin or indeed small reductions in dose any your pain problems, Neurontin
  : is used as a very effective pain control agent in many people with neuropathy
  : and there is no evidence that it increases pain. I would agree that suddenly
  : stopping it might cause a rebound in pain symptoms, just as would happen with
  : stopping any pain controlling medication.
  : The fact that your pain increased both while the dose was being increased and decreased
  : supports this explanation.
  : Neurontin is not one of the seizure meds which is classically associated with
  : B12 problems and again I do not see any clear causal relationship.
  : In my opinion your pain is fluctuating independently of pharmacological therapy
  : and it is probably not valuable to try to correllate minor changes in
  : does with this ongoing problem which is under the control of other factors.
  l. WHAT other Factors????????????????????????
  2. Could a shot of B12 4 days ago ease off some ofthe edge off pain? if one had a low b12 and was given a shot?
Since the doctors who have had the opportunity to examine you have have not
been able to reach an underlying diagnosis it is obviously impossible for
me to identify those factors from a posting on the internet !
On the basis of the information you have provided I would to suggest
that Neurontin is not causing your pain, as we state in the introduction we
can provide factual answers to questions such as the side effects of a drug,
like Neurontin, and suggestios as to how to proceed further with testing ,
not a definitive diagnosis of your underlying disease.

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