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New Treatment For Pseudotumor Cerebri

Posted By Chery Shropshire on May 29, 1997 at 02:30:32:

The Health Science Center in Syracuse NY is now recruiting Patients for a trial treatment of Pseudotumor Cerebri
(PTC) or Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. During the past year, a few patients who did not respond to conventional
medical and/or surgical therapy were treated successfully with a new medication. The medication is not experimental, but
has never been used for this condition before. We seek to recruit patients with PTC who have not satisfactorily improved
with conventional treatments. We are also recruiting control PTC patients who will be treated with diet only. The
outcomes will be improved cerebrospinal fluid pressure, vision, weight, headache severity and mood.
The criteria for admission are:
*  Diagnosis of PTC for at least three months
*  Documentation of papilledema (optic nerve swelling), elevated opening pressure on lumbar puncture, normal MRI or CT
Scan at diagnosis
*  Have had three or more lumbar punctures documenting opening pressures of at least 250 mm of water (including the
initial lumbar puncture)
*  16 years of age or older
*  Have tried Diamox and other medications with limited, temporary or no improvement
*  Able to travel to Syracuse, NY for 5-6 appointments in a 7 month period
We are very excited about this therapy and happy that it will offer hope to many PTC patients. This is the very first study
of this kind to ever be done on PTC.
You may respond by e-mail or call Dr. Deborah I. Friedman's office at the Health Science Center for more information
(315)464-3937 and tell the secretary that you are calling about the PTC study.

Pseudotumor Cerebri Society
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