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New Treatment for RSD

  I am a 32yo female diagnosed w/ RSD to my right arm 6 years ago. I have had a thoracic sympathectomy, a cervical sympathectomy, placement of a dorsal collum stimulator with good results. My problem is that I am very active, and I have displaced my lead many times which has lead to multiple surgeries, including laminectomy w/placement.
  My lead is currently displaced, and it is felt that due to the number of previous entries to the cervical region, the lead cannot be replaced as I have really no epidural space identifiable.
  Stellate blocks have been of great relief in the past, but I have also reached my limit with these with the development of scar tissue.
  Is there anything else to offer me including possible radiofrequency, but short of having a intrathecal pump placed?
Dear CAM.
thanks for the question. There is now a new technique, performed here
at CCF, called peripheral nerve stimulator. This is designed for refractory
cases, including those who fail dorsal column/spinal cord stimulator.
I know this is not the case with you, but may be worth while checking.
It is done in the OR, with the stimulator placed very close to the periphe
ral nerve, depending on the symptoms. If you would like more information
please call CCF directly, 1-800-CCF CARE and ask for the Pain Clinic
Good luck.

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