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Newly diagnosed arachnoiditis

Posted By Sherryn on April 20, 1999 at 09:15:48
Recently I was given a diagnosis of arachnoiditis.  However, I thought there had to be some involvement with either the spinal cord or brain.  Is this not necessarily the case? I do have a herniated L5-S1 disc that protrudes only about 4 mm.  However, I injured my right SI joint last summer and apparently from the MRI have a buildup of scar tissue in that region.  I have at least 1 fracture in the right SI joint and 1 fracture in the right ilium.  Osteoporosis is not seriously suspected, as I am 35 years old, the a bone densitometry will be performed in 2 weeks anyway.  I have the pain symptoms that are typical of arachnoiditis, partial bladder incontinence, some loss of sensation in the left leg and foot, progressive neurological findings as shown on the EMGs, and some weakness and muscle problems in the left leg.  Since my injury occurred below the level of the spinal cord, might my problems still be treatable?  I have read as much info as possible on arachnoiditis and only see a road ahead of painkillers and progressive deterioration of my ability to ambulate.  Can't anything besides painkillers and pain management techniques be tried to make some attempt at preserving my mobility?  My current doctors seem to have given up before they even started because they don't see much hope for anyone with arachnoiditis. Please let me know if something/anything can be attempted.  I have seen the suicide stats for this illness and I must say that it is very understandable.  Once hope is gone- that's it.

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