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No answers and frustrated

I have read many posts on here and sounds like many are going through similar concerns as I am experiencing so I definitely feel for you all.  Mine started about 3 1/2 years ago.  I suddenly got this weird ice/hot tingling sensation on my left shoulder blade as I was washing dishes one day.  Since that day those sensation have continued in multiple spots throughout my body.  Sometimes I have to check to see if I spilled ice cold water on myself as that is the feeling that sometimes it starts out as, then moves into a more warm sensation, very difficult to explain.  I also have involuntary eye movement - horizontally back and forth - mainly when I am writing/reading/or move my eyes too quickly.  My MRI was negative, also all Rheumatology blood work negative except for some inflammation present.  I tried to forget about this for awhile but it seemed to not go away and more symptoms continued like eyelid twitching, muscles cramping mainly in calf, thigh, and abdomen, also muscle twitching all over, goose bumps on one side of my head, severe constipation in which no meds have helped and GI doc doesn' t know what the issue is, "brain zaps" through body, occasionally dragging my left foot to where I trip over it, restless leg syndrome.  I have seen a 2nd neurolgist more recently - EMG was normal, blood work so far normal, and the only thing he has indicated is that I have hyperflexia.  This is extremely frustrating, I am not in "pain" but whatever this is is very annoying and concerning.  I do and I don't want a diagnosis - I want to find out what is going on but am scared of what that may mean.  How do you all cope with not getting answers?  I sometimes feel this is all in my head but then I know it is not - I cannot be making up this.  What to do???
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Acquired nystagmus (involuntary eye movement) is most commonly caused by vestibular disorders, stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), trauma and drug toxicity.

The most common causes of foot drop: lower back conditions, stroke, tumour, parkinson’s disease, diabetes, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis, adverse reactions to drugs or alcohol, injury to the foot or lower leg.
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