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No one seems to understand my symptoms. . .

I have been having a strange array of symptoms for a few years now, and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my situation?

In middle school I had an episode in which I chased rainbow bubbles around my house, blacked out, and was dizzy and confused for hours. Apparently my pupils were dilated, and at the time my parents thought I had done drugs.

After that I had lots of issues with feeling dizzy and light headed, having black spots in my vision, and occasional mild confusion. I always made an excuse for it, thinking it was because I hadn't been eating right or getting enough sleep.

The symptoms escalated but received no treatment until I had a grand maul seizure while visiting my grandmother in the hospital. I was a junior or senior in high school then. I saw words crawling out of black holes before blacking out and waking up in a hospital bed. They ran several tests on me but found nothing wrong. The doctors told me that they thought my first episode was probably a petit maul seizure.

I am a freshman in college now, and since then I have not had another grand maul, but have still had some interesting symptoms. I get dizzy, have black spots, migraines, see things that aren't there (mostly just floating shapes or breathing shadows). I feel nauseous and confused a lot of the time, and have been forgetting things more than feels natural. Sometimes I actually collapse, but never lose consciousness. Sometimes the contrast between light and dark in my vision seems astronomical.

I've been to a few doctors, tried a few meds (topirimate, a blood pressure med, and a few others I forgot), but nothing has helped. I had a neurologist tell me it couldn't be a seizure disorder, and another tell me it had to be. I've had one tell me migraine disorder, and another tell me it couldn't be. If there is anyone who has any idea what could be causing this, I would appreciate it very much.
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sounds like u need to try yet another neurologist plus get some scans like cat scan or MRI. Your symptoms don't sound good and Im worried ur doctors don't seem to take it seriously.
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  Hi how long r u on the Topiramate? This is the generic for TOPAMAX which can cause some odd side effects especially when u first start the med....I also am on this...u must also take it at the same time each night for the best results.

Did u ever have a MRI of the brain or cervical spine? I wonder if u have a disk that is out of place or something like that going on.....
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