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No sensation in penis for a very long time.

So for as long as i can remember i have had no sensation in my penis, when i was 18 i remember the slightest touch could set me off.... but since my 20s there has been no such feeling.

During any intercourse i end up giving up... as im either unable to maintain and erection or if im lucky enough to maintain one strong enough for intercourse i could go on for hours and hours.... I have never reached ejaculation during sex.

I am able to reach ejaculation when masturbating but it involves a very strange stretching routine... and isnt through natural enjoyment or stimulation if that makes any sense.

Anyways i had resigned myself to having this problem for nearly 10 years... and actually stopped having intercourse because of it for a long time.

But just recently with gyms being shut i bought my self a stationery bike... i usually just run in the gym/lift weights.

After using the bike for an hour when i stood off of it... i felt the strangest tingling down below... and it was very senstive to any touch.. even just rubbing off of my seat i felt sensation like i havent felt in years down there... it didnt last.

Now this isnt excercise/health related in that i used to jog/sprint on the treadmill daily and never got the same results...

I feel it has something to do with the actual sitting on the bike/cycling movement itself.....

any ideas what and how this could be ?

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nerve damage can be the cause of loss of sensation,  and the way you masturbate can also be unhealthy for your penis, get an exam and be sure to tell the urologist ALL of your issues even if you think they are unimportant.
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have you ever been to an urologist? have to ever had your feet slip off the pedals of your bike and land on the bar?  you could have an injury , in either case i would sincerely encourage your to at least make an appointment.
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