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Non diabetic neuropathy

What are suggestions for relieving non diabet neuropathy in the feet. This came in both feet immediately following double knee replacements--in fact, within three days. This was more than eight years ago. I have taken amitripyline until a few months ago when I got tired of blasting my body with anti-depressants. What is the non chemical/nutritional or other help?
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ohhhh if you get an answer to this one ill have to borrow it :) i was dx'd with MS almost a year ago this month and since my symptoms have been progressing since early last year my feet are a BIG part of  my pain!!!!! i can barely be on my feet for 10-15 minutes without wanting to practically cut my feet off!!!!!! i of course am on my MS meds and they are not doing a darn bit of good for my feet! i used to have beautiful, soft feet....now...they are ugly calus'y, cracked, nasty feet!!!!
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I know what you mean! I feel your pain.  I have the same feelings burning, tingling and numbness in the soles of my feet, toes and it moves up to the ankles. When I had a flare up it was so painful I had to keep my feet in a tub of water with Epsom salt all night, alternating hot and cold water and that helped a little. I was checked for MS with MRI, showed up negative. I also have pain in my hip, thigh and leg, but the foot pain is almost unbearable.  Blood tests concluded I have Rheumatoid Arthitis (RA), do you know if this pain could also be related to Lupus.  I was sure I had MS from all the symptoms I read about, but the Dr. said no, just RA. Through what tests were you  diagnosed with MS? Anyone on this site know anything about RA and the leg and feet pain I described? Please post your comments, so we can learn from each other's experiences and research.
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what lead to my diagnosis were years of ????????. i developed optic neuritis in my right eye in dec 97. that is where all the myelin on my optic nerve just up and disappeared leaving me completely blind in my rt eye for quite a while. i did IV and oral steroids and thru about 2 years or so i gained some of the vision back. i now see as if i rubbed vaseline on my eyeball :) the did an mri then and there were i think 2 lesions on my brain. they talked about ms at the time and then just kind of "poo pooed' it. 10 years later my neuro symptoms (that had been coming and going) progressed and i went to the neuro. he did an mri and it was conclusive w/my history, symptoms, and more lesions that it was/is MS.  he ran several other blood tests at the time to rule out other things and they came back mostly fine. i know he did an RA Qnt level at the time too and i believe it was normal. im still struggling quite a bit, but we'll get there. :)
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You asked for suggestions for relief of neuropathy.

Effective Treatment for Neuropathic (Nerve) Pain
by Jacob Teitelbaum MD

If the url doesn't work, you can google for the title and author.

Wishing you the best,
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Interesting, I had a detached retina, and had four operations, it is now successfully re-attached, but I am legally blind, cannot see anything from my right eye. I was never told of optic neuritis. I had MRI and came back o.k. no MS, had some but not all tests for lupus, those also came back norml.
I went to see a Rheumatologist on Friday, and he says I don't have lupus either.  He says I have a low level RA, and wouldn't prescribe anything new for the pain. Says if pain is getting better with Advil and it doesn't hurt your stomach, keep on taking that.  It may be low level to him, but I was suffering excrutiating pains in the soles, toes, ankles and up my thigh, - tingling, pins and needles, numbness.  I find that the Doctors dismiss you if you don't have high levels of the disease.  I am not sure if I don't have more than just low-level RA, I am in pain, but I must say, I'm not sure if the RX I was given is helping the pain, but since I started Neurontin, given by my Neurologist, 100mg  1 - 2 times a day, the pain has lessened, I am also taking 2 Advils every morning. Helps somewhat but pain comes back. I think I had a "flare up" and down the line in a few months or years, the Doctors will tell me I have either MS or Lupus, my symptoms are so similar to the symptoms of either one of these diseases. Any suggestions or ideas, as to what to do now., I don't want it to progress any further, I want it to go away.  Did anyone take prednisone to take the pain away.
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so have you been seen by a neurologist? talked about optic neuritis? ms? even w/my previous medical history and then the current and mri, my neuro also order blood work on a multitude of different diseases or disorders. lupus, sjorgens (sp?), ra, b12 def, and on and on. all to rule out other things. but all in all he was positive about the ms.

nothing.....nothing......i take or have taken helps the pain in my feet/legs! i am on 3200mg of gabapentin (neurontin), 800mg of baclofen, 100mg of amitriptyline, and a copaxone inj. every night.

when i was diagnosed i did metheloprednisolone IV for 4 days and then oral prednisone for a week or more i think. it didnt change a thing, but i know that it does help many people.

i just need something to make my body not hurt so very much and allllll the time! i hate sounding dramatic, but its just so bad and it hinders me and my activities w/my little ones so much that i just want it to stop.

oh where o' where is that magic thing??
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