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Not sure if it’s related but please help .

Hello, just have a little complain. Some years back I experienced a numbness on the right side of my face. Got worse I couldn’t feel the face or move It. The right part was completely paralyzed. After a while I went to the hospital got checked and they said it’s cause my a hole in my tooth, so I removed the tooth and I was able to move the face but recently I notice the numbness, it’s not as serious but I get that constant feel the layer of the skin feels thicker than the other part, it feels heavy also. The feel is still there I constantly massage the face cause I’m really scared it might get worse.. I’m just 21
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Not being able to move your face would be scary for sure.  That is interesting that a tooth causes that but if you had enough damage to a root, I can see that.  It's happening again? I'd check for the same thing, then. Have you gotten on top of your dental health at all? Is it numb in the same area?  If you had a tooth extraction, that means you had a root canal.  You may have some residual issues after that. I had a root canal after a long term issue and even though it's been almost a year, if I press in the area above where this took place, I get tingling stretching up into my face and sinuses.  Lovely, right?  sigh.  But that's what a bad toot infection can do and it can take a long time to heal.  Go see your dentist and ask about this. If they have nothing for you, go to your doctor.  Bells palsy is a reason that people have an issue moving their face but since you've had these teeth issues, that is likely still involved.  Let me know what happens, okay?
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Yes numb in the same area. What causes Bell’s palsy?
Honestly, if numb in the same area, you can pretty much bet this is related to your past or a new dental situation. Go to the dentist and find out!  Typically Bell's palsy comes about because of an infection of some sort (tooth?).  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bells-palsy/symptoms-causes/syc-20370028  It goes away on it's own though.
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