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Numbness, tingling, difficulty waking, and brain fog

Hey all,

I've run the gamut of all the specialists I can find, and I'm hoping maybe I can find some answers here. I've been on a 6 month journey trying to nail down a diagnosis, and I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with how frustrating that can be!

My initial symptoms presented back in January--extreme fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, pins and needles in my hands & feet, some IBS, headaches, and shooting pains throughout my body. I was diagnosed with migraines and also as "possibly" having fibromyalgia (after a 5 minute consult). No medicine worked, and I've also run the gamut of neurological tests, brain MRIs, endocrinologists, bloodwork, etc.

Over the past two months, the symptoms have moved on to tingling and cold spots all over my body, especially extremities, extreme fatigue/difficulty waking up, and tightness in my chest. I'm completely useless for the first 3 hours after I finally get up between the tingling, confusion, and tightness in my chest. I've had my heart looked at, and I've also been to an allergist for asthma testing--no luck.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm running out of specialists at this point!
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welcome to the club... there are many other people who have been experiencing your symptoms in the past few months.

the most common symptom is slower cognitive functions, forgetfulness, lack of short term memory, inability to concentrate on the next thing to do. sometimes even difficulty in operating simple machinery.

bowel/bladder symptoms.
sinusitis and headache.

numbness and tingling

back pain

mild to severe muscular weakness

swelling in extremities.

when everything else is ruled out , full autoimmune workup etc. I guess it's due to some asymptomatic viral infection that triggers a Immunological problem.

was there anything out of range in your blood works, high WBC, ESR? Liver enzymes? Complements system? have you been tested for autoimmune diseases?

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hi do you have any pigmentation's on your skin all your symptoms are same as mine i am now seeing specialist
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what kind of specialist?

I don't have any pigmentation on skin, only Psoriasis.

what do you mean exactly with pigmentation? how does it look like and where is it?
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its starts  like a red  rash on feet legs and arms then after about 2 mouths it goes brownish in color but it is not scaly like psoriasis
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I have had many of the same symptoms you describe.  I have been diagnosed with hydrocephalus (too much fluid on the brain) and have had four brain surgeries in the past ten months.  
My CT scan, etc. didn't show it, but the MRI scan did.  You might ask about this.  
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with all the symptoms we all seem to have what meds are you all on some times i think some do not help my condition Serena i have head pressure in my head for along time now long before all thees ether symptoms started this was caused by  accident at work now i am wondering weather the conditin i have is linked  
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I had almost the same symptoms prior to my diagnosis and surgery for tethered spinal cord and lipomas on my spinal cord. I believe it takes an MRI of the spine to diagnose.
Good luck to you.
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I don't have any pigmentation or discoloration on my skin, but I do get cold spots and sometimes red blotches like all the blood is running to the surface for no reason. Good luck to you!
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I'm sorry to hear about all of your brain surgeries! I had an MRI done a few months ago, but they didn't find anything...
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Thanks for the heads up. I'm seeing my chiropractor today, so I'll ask about that. Best of luck to you!
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Hello There,

I am Nishant and have been smoking from last 6 years. But from past ten days I am getting this problem of shaking my head. There is no fixed time for that , it will happen any time and will last from 30 seconds to 2 mins. It will mostly happen when I am about to have my meal. I am really getting tensed by this. By any chance is it an effect of smoking . What should I do in order to eradicate this problem?
Moreover I have reduced my smoking to 6 ciggrates from 20 a day!!

Looking for a favorable response!

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Hi LeagueCityRealtor, I tried sending you a message but it did not allow it. I read you had headaches that improved after your tethered cord was corrected.  Can you please tell me how your headaches were, where and how often before the surgery? I have frontal and occipital headaches and constant brain fog. Would really like to hear more and would like to contact you via email if possible. Thanks
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Have you ruled out celiacs? I have a friend who had similar symptoms and it was celiacs.
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Have any of you taken the antibiotics Levaquin. Cipro or Avelox.
If you have look up cipro toxicity.
Or Levaquin toxicity.
Its called floxing.
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I have the same symptoms and have narrowed my conclusion down to hypothyroidism, making an appointment today to have some blood work done. Did you get a diagnosis since writing this?
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I read you had psoriasis along with all of the symptoms you described.  I too had all of the same symptoms, the worst of which was the brain fog and extreme fatigue, and a severe rash over my lower extremities.  I was diagnosed initially diagnosed with temporal arteritis due to visual loss in one eye and severe scalp tenderness.  Two years later, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, confirmed by xrays that showed severe degeneration in my wrists, fingers, feet, and spine.  Have you seen a rheumatologist?  Good luck.
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Hi I am a diabetic patient I took Cipro for UTI
I stopped it 15 days back. But my chest is shaking, feeling chest compression, palpitation, Body burning, Eye blurriness
How can I get rid off?
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