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Numbness 3 months after childbirth?


I'm a 35 year old mother of 2.
I gave birth to my son 3 months ago and for about 2 weeks now i have noticed numbness on the right side of my waist, stomach, back, upper right thigh and hip and now also my outer right calf and ball of my right foot.

I have no other symptoms. I'm walking exactly the same and there are no other problems.

I noticed that after i gave birth i felt uncomfortable lying on my right side as i felt a type of pressure around the hip area.

I don't know if this could have anything to do with childbirth affecting a nerve somewhere.
Of course my biggest fear is the possibility of ms.

I went to see my doctor and i've been given a referal for a neurologist but that's not til 1st February. She doesn't think it's ms

Any thoughts of opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Paula, one question..Did you have an epidural or other local anesthesia during childbirth?
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Congradulations on your new Baby!  I have never heard of a onset of MS, happening that quickly.  Perhaps the way you delivered or when you were carrying your child, it may have herniated a disc in your back which would pinch a nerve and cause numbness and pain.  Definitely something to follow up with.  If you experience any headaches or facial numbness I would go to the emergency room immediately.  I know after one of my friends delivered her child she had a stroke.  When the headaches began she just ignored them.  It has now taken her almost 4yrs and she is still not back to where she was prior to the delivery.  So, just be aware and certainly be your own advocate!  After I delivered my daughter 11yrs ago, I would get numbness down both of my legs and back pain, then an incredible weakness, where my legs would feel like they were going to buckle.  Unfortunately, the only thing the doctors think is when my hips shifted when I was carrying her, they never shifted completely back to where they were before and it compresses one of my nerves at the base of my spine.  Good luck to you, I would love to hear how you make out with the doctors.
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Thanks guys.

Yes i did have an epidural but i'm wondering if it had something to do with that would it take 3 months for these symptoms to present?
I have not had any other symptoms, no headaches or anything.

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I just wanted to add that i have absolutely no pain, just the numbness. Otherwise well.

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Paula, Did you experience any residual numbness while still in the hospital? It is rare to have continued numbness after an epidural, but it can happen. Thankfully, from what I have seen, it can resolve. (I've been an OB nurse for over 20 years.) However, the fact you did not seem to have symptoms until months after delivery makes me wonder about either nerve irritation or some kind of hip alignment problem that is resulting in irritating nerves. (joints go "lax" in pregnancy.) Pregnancy can also cause malalignment of the spine, which can cause your symptoms as well. Especially if you had a good amt of weight gain.

Of course, the cause could be other things as well..Consider seeing a neurologist if you haven't already.
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I have had no residual numbness after the epidural at all.
This all started about 2 weeks ago.

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Hey paula can u tell me are u all right now?  What did neurologist tell u at that time, bcoz i also had epidural during my delivery 2 mnths ago n i feel weakness in my legs, i cant climb up stairs. Waiting 4 ur answer.
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I had 2 epidurals during labor in 92 & 95. I was dx in 2012 with Adhesive Arachnoiditis bc apparently while they were giving me the injection, they punctured my dues and injected the meds into my spinal cord. Now I have a spine disease with no cure and a life with chronic pain.. :-(
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Hi my gf gave birth had the epidural and everything went good no problems with the birth. Then 2 months later started getting symptoms like minoclonic jerks and progressively started getting more aggressive to "grand mals" but she had the sleep study done and ruled out epelipsy we are waiting till next month to see a nurologist now they are getting worse she has 15 a day that last 30-45 seconds each then her legs go numb and sometimes her arms go numb as well and can not move anything. She randomly gets numb around her body and sometimes she just shuts down her face goes numb then falls asleep almost and can't wake herself up. I have been to the er multiple times seen doctors and they won't rush the referral to the nurologist and this is getting out of control we don't know what it is. She had the iud in and we have researched that it could have been that so we yanked it out this last week. Please if anyone has any tips or help ANYTHING PLEASE call me or message me 5039291219
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I am 2 and a half months post partum and I did not have a c-section or epidural. My birth was vaginal, with fentanyl at the end only.
I am having serious numbness in both feet and tingling and up and down my legs and arms. I swam 1/3 of a mile today trying to get my body back in gear. A chiropractor did an atlas alignment, but the numbness and tingling returned.
I eat a mostly plant-based diet and try to exercise a little everyday (walks, short hikes, swims, etc.) I used to have really awful pain in my feet.
My point is that for those on here, it might be the epidural, but it might not be. I did not have one, and am still having issues.
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