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Numbness in leg and toes

What may be causing numbness and cramp in my legs and toes?
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I'm not sure, but I started getting similar symptoms on Aug. 12, 2008.  I am now left with numb feet and ankles.  Cramps on the side of calves from walking for work all day.  I have had numerous tests done with no results.  I would love to finally hear some words of comfort if you have found any.
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Numbness in the leg and toes can be due to a lot of causes like a disc herniation, stroke, hemorrhage, tumor, arteriovenous malformation , effect of some medication, peripheral neuropathy , hypothyroidism, cervical spine disorder, injury, diabetes, arthritis, HIV, lyme disease, etc.

Do you have any history of recent injury, raised cholesterol, raised BP, diabetes, cervical spondylosis or any other medical problems?

Disc herniations can cause neurological symptoms such as numbness, back pain, leg pain, tingling, weakness etc in the limbs. It is important to know the site of the disc herniations and the type of symptoms that you are experiencing. Steroid shots can help in disc herniations by creating an anti-inflammatory effect around the nerves.

I would advise that you should consult a neurologist with your past medical and neurological examination and tests like CT scan, MRI or lumbar puncture, as appropriate, would be able to diagnose your condition. You should take rest and avoid lifting ant weights for the next few days.

Do write in if you need some other information.

Take care!

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I have had an MRI of my brain, neck, and spine.  My neurologist said it all looked good.  I have had a test done on my muscles also where I am stuck with a wire.  Nothing there either.  I am now on steroids to help eliminate the muscle soreness with only minor releif.  
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Out of curiosity how's your blood sugar and circulation?
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Both are just fine.  Recently I have been checking into chronic CO exposure which I recently had a bout with.  Not sure for how long.  Seems that chronic CO can mimic a lot of auto-immune symptoms.  I would love to find someone who can shed some light on chronic CO.
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This is a good thing then,

You have indicated that you are walking at work.  In an 8 to 10 hour shift one can walk easily 20 to 30 miles.  This excessive wear and tear may cause bilateral posterior tibial nerve compression.  If your arches are flat or dropping odds are your heel is migrating towards a valgus position~ angled away from the midline of the body.  This can cause compression of that p. tibial nerve and result in the numbeness you speak of.  Calf pain can be a result of mild to moderate worn heels on your footwear which causes you to heel strike more supinated than your intended.  This will cause your calves to work hard as you walk them 20-30 miles daily.  The calf muscle group decelerates supination.

Also many marathon runners experience calf pain/tightness as a result of mild dehydration.  A visit to a podiatriast, orthotist or pedorthist (who build their own orthotics) may help with your numbness.

What I just wrote about is known as tarsal tunnel syndrome.

CO exposure is worth looking into if not for the feet to see what other systems it may have effected.

Good Luck
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Also in your profile you mentioned that you hand experienced numbness in your hands and legs as well.

Rule my last post out first, it is entirely probable.  

But in your line of work any substance which you may be exposed to whether be it airborn or by proxy there should be M.S.D.S. (Material Safety Data Sheets) available.

chromated copper arsenate (used sometimes as a wood treatment) exposure/ingestion for example can cause symptoms like you've described.  

Here is a list of the symptoms;

nosebleeds, digestive system pain and bleeding, itching skin, darkened urine, nervous system effects such as tingling or numbness of the hands and feet and confusion, and rashes or thickening and peeling of the skin.

Mind you this is just an example of what sort of symptoms may be associated with chemical toxicity.  Mercury posioning may also produce similar symptoms.


If you are a fisher and eat your own catch, this is also a way to ingest mercury...

You can book an appointment with a toxicologist to get all of this checked out.

Still check out the possibly of tarsal tunnel syndrome.  Occam's razor:  All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best.
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