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Numbness in lower left side

On Friday May 4th I had severe lower back pain around the T6 vertabrae. It became so severe that I went to the ER the following Monday AM (2:30 AM). I had a CAT Scan and X-Ray which came back normal. The ER doctor gave me a pain shot as well as a prescription for the pain and inflamation and sent me home. That was a Monday and I stayed home from work. Tuseday I felt fine and worked as well as Wednesday until late in the afternoon at which I started to feel the lower back pain again. My boss sugesed that I go home and try to work from home Thursday and Friday - this would allow me to lie down which gave me relief. Late Thursday afternoon I started to feel tingling about two inches above the naval to two inches to the right of the naval all the way down my left leg, buttox and crotch area. I called my primary care doctor and was able to gain an appointment the very next day (Friday May 11th). Friday AM when I got up I was totally numb all across the area I was feeling the tingling. My doctor referred me to a neurological specialist. I have had 5 MRI's, CAT Scan, X-Ray, Ultra Sound, Spinal tap,urine analysis & blood work - all of which came back normal with exception to the spinal tap which gave indication of remnants of either a viral or bacterial infiection. I have also had two separate lengthy does of prednisone (pill form for 12 days starting with 4 per day (3 days) dropping to one on the last 3 days. The second, which I just completed last Friday, was a five day infusion which has given very limited improvement. As of last Saturday and Sunday AM I experienced vert short lived tingling in the left "numb" area. I have been told, as of my last appointment, that I may never gain the feeling back.
At this point I am very frustrated - I have lost fluid mobility on the left side making it hard to walk, no running, stairs require full attention to manuver and at times I have trouble with balance - just seems to go away leaving me with a falling feeling. I also do not feel any bodily senses concerning uninary and intestinal tracks - I have lost all of that feeling and just get a feel of having to go and it comes within a minute or two requiring me to get to the bathroon ASAP. The numbness extends across the pelvic region as well as the buttox - when i go I don't feel the release, it just comes. I have also lost all sexual function.
I am 56 years old and not ready to accept this situation. Please help me get back to my normal life. Any doctor that has had any patients that have had very similar symtoms and succes in gaining back what they have lost I want to talk to you.
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