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Numbness in right arm, back, face and tongue?

I haven't been able to find any answers to the symptoms I've been experiencing for the month and a half.

About 6 weeks ago, I woke up with a sore neck.
That same night, got an instant headache during sex--never had a headache come on that instantly before. Mild headache and sore neck remained.
A few days later, tweaked my upper back playing basketball. Pain lasted 1/2 a day and went away.
About a week later, saw my regular MD and he said it might be migraine.
That night, experienced mild numbing in arm (top of forearm) and right side of face (cheek area). I went to ER, blood tests and CT scan were normal.
Headache remained mild, off and on, mild neck soreness remained.
Went to see a D.O. and he scheduled an MRI. MRI was normal.
Throughout all of this, the constants have been mild neck soreness, very mild occasional dizziness, mild headaches (mainly in the back of the head) and the numbness/tingling in forearm and right side of face. Within the past couple weeks the numbness/tingling seems to be also in right side of upper back and very mildly in right leg.
Last week (about 5 weeks after initial headache) saw a nuerologist. He wants to rule out an aneurysm that might have a small leak or "sentinal bleed" so is having me do an angiography which has yet to be scheduled.

I guess my question is, first, does anyone know what is gouing on? haha

Secondly, is this possibly a pinched nerve, Lyme disease (I live in North Texas), ms, allergies, or some type of other disease or infection?

Thirdly, if the CT scan and MRI didn't detect anything, what are the chances that the angiography will?

Thanks in advance for the help!
Arlington, TX
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Well, I am still having facial pain/numbness and pain/numbness in my right arm. It seems to come and go, sometimes barely noticeable, other times quite annoying. I often find myslef massaging my right cheek and jaw area and the top of my right arm in some effort to relieve the feeling.

The angiography was "normal" according to my nuerologist, but when I looked at it (I'm no doctor) one of the arteries looked like it had a weird narrowing in it--but again, I have no idea what I'm looking at.

I'm concerned that the three separate doctors I went to are all looking at the test results independently and nobody has seemed to sit down, take all three test results, and look at them together. Should I be concerned with this?

Any comments or advice?
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Oh, I forgot. I also have the CT images online just in case anyone is curious. :)
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