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by TonysGirl26, Oct 22, 2010 11:38AM
I am worried April 2010 I got this strang sensation by my right temple and a little above into my head.  It was annoying not really any pain was almost numb feeling but i still had control of all movement and kinda felt like a tingle and it would come and go through out the day. I went to the Dr they said it was probably nothing. So after I went to the Dr a few weeks passed and I didnt feel it anymore I figured good it was probably stress that I didnt know I had or it was sinus issues not that i thought i had any sinus problems.  So it did come back in the summer probably end of July first of August then went away again now it is Oct 2010 still and I am getting it again right temple sometimes into my cheek have felt it in my nose and also my lips but 98% of the time it is right temple and upper part of cheek bone.  I am having an MRI done tomorrow soooo scared !! seems the Dr wants me to get this I think it must be a tumor or they think it is.  I am sooo worried please let me know what you think!! Do you think i have a tumor? I mean if it was something else i would have other symptoms and they wouldnt be doing the MRI.  

Thanks so much for your time and letting me vent

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hi nicole!
you're putting the cart before the horse!  slow down...take a deep breath and relax a bit.  your dr said nothing to you about a tumor, so why assume the worst?  your head is not a chrystal ball that he can see into and therefore, he needed to order the mri to see what's going on inside.  it's that simple!  ; )  he can't dx something that he can't see!  lol!  so relax and enjoy your day.  you will have your results very soon and know what is going on.  besides, stressing out over this will only make you miserable and it won't change a thing!  
good luck, nichole and i hope you let us know what they find!
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Thanks!! I will def let you know what they say! I always go online and the only thing I read is tumor!

Thanks for the support

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Thanks!! I will def let you know what they say! I always go online and the only thing I read is tumor!

Thanks for the support

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Its good to know your taking it seriously, some doctors cant be trusted and ill tell you why. There was a young couple living nearby us in the U.K the husband worked at home and the mother worked in a Sewing small shop. So the young lady started feeling pain and twitches in her hands so she went to the hospital to see what was wrong, She was seen by professors and consultant neurosurgeons whom told her it was nuthing and just to rest and it would go away....few days later she had fainted on her way to work and in the hospital they found a large brain tumor developed it was too late and she died then....the husband tried all he could to get compensation for the neurosurgeons negligence telling her it was nuthing and so on.....no matter what nuthing could compensate death....If you feel the slightest abormality dont let it be and dont trust one or two opinion, if its something bothering you seriously find out the true cause may God protect and bless you
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Well I hope mines not a tumor but it probably is I don't see what else it could be the symptoms match nothing else
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damn, that's pretty sad,  I guess its best to get it checked out immediately. lol
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God forbid it to be a tumor, but have that ruled out, make sure it is not anything that may harm you, doctors wont take patients seriously sometimes not because they dont care well some of them but because of the high number of patients they see so theyll tell you ey its not serious ey dont worry about it.....but if its bothering you yes worry about it by doing the proper medical procedures that will confirm theres nuthing serious going on,,,,and if there is a tumor and you detect it at an early stage youll save your good life that way ....
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Well my MRI came back normal.  So that's great!!   But that doesn't make this just go away I mean I am glad my head is okay no tumor that's the most important thing! But it's like what is causing this to happen every now and then?? Well I'm happy!
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