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One side numbness? Advice please

Since the beginning of this week i have been experiencing numbness on and off on the right hand side of my body (it comes and goes), head to toe. Face, arm and leg. Keep getting short spells of a sort of numbness/tingle in my throat and tongue and a feeling of tightness in the chest but this does not last long. I've also been waking up with cramps in my forearms and feeling like my arms are asleep in the night, i have to give them a stretch and a shake to get the feeling back. I feel like its generally coming from the right side of my neck. If i tip my neck to the left, i can barely get my ear to my shoulder, it feels as if something is tight and pulling and quite sore, whereas if i tip my neck to the left i get my ear to my shoulder with ease although i get a quick pinching feeling in my neck. I still have full feeling, movement and strength in all limbs but it just feels numb. I am still totally 'with it' i have no other worrisome symptoms along with it.
The numbness in my arm goes from the shoulder right down the back of my arm. In my leg, it goes right from my bum down the back of my leg. Any ideas?
I have seen 2 different GPs this week who both cannot find a reason but both believe it is not serious. I am due to see my regular GP on monday so will bring up again with her.
I already suffer with a pretty bad anxiety/panic disorder mainly related to my health, and i also very possibly have fibromyalgia.
I noticed today i was experiencing the numbness but i had a phone conversation for about an hour with a friend, having a laugh and a good chat and i did not notice the numbness whatsoever but within an hour or so of coming off the phone, it returned.
This isn't the first time i've experienced symptoms on the right side of my body, starting earlier this year i would get a sharp pain travelling down the right side of my body, same places as i am now experiencing this numb type of feeling so i saw a neurologist. I had a normal neurological exam in feb this year along with normal brain mri in march. I had a lot of blood tests taken in august which were normal also.
Can anybody offer me any help or advice? I am due to see a rheumatologist in december, but i dont think i can put up with this feeling much longer as its scaring me.
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Thanks for writing in.
There are few possibilities that need to be looked at like Peripheral neuropathy due to B12 or diabetes, nerve compression due to disc herniation in the neck, cervical spondylitis, migraine and stroke and MS.
This requires further evaluation as soon as possible by a neurologist. In the meantime you can take B12 supplements, apply cold compresses to the affected of neck and OTC pain killers to relieve pain and soreness in your neck. Take care!

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Thanks for your reply Dr. I forgot to mention in my previous post i am 23, female, non smoker. I drink occasionally not to excess though.
If i had MS would the mri/neurological exam have picked something up (i had this earlier this year) if i had a stroke would i still be experiencing the symptoms a few days later? I think one of the Drs i saw this week would have picked something up?
Is there any chance this can be just something like anxiety? Or by my fibromyalgia?
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I also forgot to say, when i say numbness, i still have the same amount of feelings in both sides of my body, so i can still feel everything and i still have normal strength..
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Yes if your symptoms were due to MS, MRI and neurological exam would have been positive. MRI shows characteristic white spots in the brain due to demyelination with characteristic distribution.
The symptoms of stroke can last from few hrs to few days. Fibromyalgia and anxiety can both cause these symptoms like numbness and cramps.
Keep us posted on the results of your neurological exam and if you need more information.
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Hi Dr

Thanks for your previous replies. Luckily i have not had the numbness since saturday/sunday which is great news.
Today, i have been experiencing pain down the left side of my body, from head to toe. It seems to start with my eye stinging (my pupil looked a bit bigger than my right one but both reacting normally to light) then it spreads down my face, down the back of my arm into my little finger then from my hip down my leg to my foot.
I usually get this on my right side. This is what i originally went to the neurologist about earlier this year, he found no problem, neither did brain MRI. GP's seem clueless about it and do not think its serious.
Could this fit anxiety/fibromyalgia?
My anxiety has been quite bad tonight, been feeling very on edge as if i am about to have a panic attack. I admit i am worried about MS
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I have fibro and have this same symptom...pain and numbness on my left side. When I get too tired, I get a headache and numbness that goes all the way down my left side. I have had four MRI's of brain and no leisons to show MS. I have had fibro for years(24) and get these headaches..one sided symptoms everytime. Hope this helps.
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Hi Cynde

Thank you, your message definatly helped me. I can deal with the pain, the fatigue but i find it so hard to deal with the numbness, and stroke/ms type symptoms they scare me to death and make me feel so awful
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Yes these symptoms can be both due to anxiety and fibromyalgia. It is also important to rule out stroke. It will be better to get a clinical exam done more so if you have a risk factor for stroke like high BP, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking, alcoholism.
For your anxiety you can take mild tranquilizer like Alprazolam after consulting your doctor. Also make sure you do some breathing exercises and meditation every day to soothe your mind.
Take care!
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