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PET Scan, How Does it Work? What Can it Test for?

I have approached my neurologist and psychiatrist about the idea of getting a PET scan. They are receptive to the idea but they said its more complex than I thought. I know that the CT scans and MRI's of my brain were normal. They agree there is psychosis/dissociation of a neurological origin as well as potential loss of cognition with all standard criteria ruled out. The important issue to me though is not what is going on but what can a PET scan test for. Since the dissociation/psychosis is always associated with a variety of spasms (akathestic, myoclonic) I would tend to believe that would indicate some abnormal activity in the brain (though I was ruled out for epilepsy) and that a PET scan would pick that up. And that any loss of cognition would be able to be tested by a PET scan by doing a standard test for cognition and seeing if there were any deficits. And that any marked improvement in standard psychosis from schizophrenia (as they've noted) would be able to be noted. A lot of what's going on are still "hypotheticals" to them as well so I'm not trying to figure out what's happenning but more if a PET scan would be of use. How accurate are they? How long does the procedure take? They said there were "different kinds of PET scans". Must one be done for each part of the brain? Is a PET scan ultrasound or x-rays or something else? Are you enclosed when it happens and are there options to not have this? I know there are a lot of unknowns but I'd sincerely appreciate if I could get a better handle on what a PET scan is, how it works, how accurate it is and what it could test for and if with all the issues they are investigating if it would have to be done multiple times.
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Yes thanks for the information. They have some idea of what's going with me now and are going to document it in a case study and will do a PET scan depending on whether a further examination is warranted in their terms. Thanks again.
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the type of test you are referring to is Pet Scan as you call it or Spect Scan as is called in Europe.  This test shows the blood flow in the brain and I believe also indicates some symptoms is originated by Lymes Disease or one of its co-infections.  My doctor recommended this test to rule out Lymes.
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