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I am a 24 year old male who considers myself to be fairly athletic and healthy. Sadly, I started having a (left)lower back ache(close to my tail bone, approximately where my vertebrae is connected to my pelvis) back in March of this year.  From analyzing my own daily physical routines, I strongly feel that the cause is my bad posture from driving my stick shift car where I had to stretch my left leg far out to reach the clutch. Not to mention, the countless hours sitting down studying as a student. At first, I didn
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Chronic back pain can be due to a variety of reasons from mechanical to soft tissue/bursae swelling or pain to ligament or joint pain to nerve pain. A good place to start are plain xrays of the lumbosacral spine - this can identify early arthritis or ankylosis (ankylosing spondyltitis should be looked for on the xrays as you are in teh right age group, but it is a rare disorder) or fractures.

If these are normal, an MRI of this area will look at both the spinal cord and for pinched nerves or at soft tissue and joints. Treatment depends on the cause, but a trial of anti-inflammatories and physcial therapy is generally useful.

Pins and needles from the pelvis up is an unusual neurological presentation, pinched nerves in the back usually cause sensory symptoms that go down the leg. Things for your doctors to consider might be diabetes, Lyme, myelopathy, HIV, review of your medications etc - a general neurologist would be the best first stop

Good luck
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i apologize for the long entry...
I have noticed over the months that I experience the pins and needles sensation mostly when there is a warm temperature change in my body. For instance, when I walk out from a Air condition office to outside summer weather
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I'm not a doctor but from experience regarding my husband's doctor, I would definitely see a neurologist.  He started with numbness and tingling in his hands and feet which turned out to be CIDP which affects the nerves.  Don't wait to long because it's your right to find out what's going on with your body.

Good Luck!
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I don't think the back pain and whole body (especially upper body) pins and needles are related.  You don't have AIDP or CIDP since motor weakness would have progressed earlier than 4 months time after the time when your sensory symptoms started.  Alcohol (over a long period of time) can cause a polyneuropathy which manifests as numbness/tingling that usually starts in the feet/lower leg and progresses to the hands, but not to the entire body.  Lead poisoning usually manifests with a wrist drop/motor weakness which doesn't sound like what you have.  It wouldn't hurt to see a medical neurologist regarding the tingling, but based on your symptoms, it doesn't sound like anything serious to me.  A good chiropractor may be able to help with the back pain.  Good luck.
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I thank you for your concern and feedbacks, jesarose and Markbos.
For the update:
I took a day off and went to go visit a neurologist this past Friday.  He has told me something very close to what Markbos has mentioned. He interviewed me for about 15 mins and ran few physical check ups for another 15mins and told me that he doesn
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Get a different neorologist.
Hope everything is going okay.
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