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hi, I am an 18 yr. old female. For the past 11 months I have had the most bizarre symptoms. It started with uncontrollable crying episodes that weren't triggered by events and led to memory loss, confusion, hot/cold flashes, blue hands and feet,delayed speech and feeling unbalanced. All of these symptoms resulted in me having to be medically homebound for my senior yr. of high school. I was diagnosed with depression and comfortable with the diagnosis until now. I have tried everything to lessen the symptoms! I have been put on celexa, prozac, abilify,lamictal,zoloft,lexapro,lorazapam,clonazpam,seraquil,luvox,deplin,pristiq,cymbalta and even done 5 sessions of ECT ( electroconvulsive shock therapy) I have been to a neurologist, had an EEG,MRI, thyroid testing,and many blood tests. I am supposed to be attending UNCG in 3 weeks and I would really love go to, but I don't see that being possible in the condition I am in now. This has ruined my life, I would be SO HAPPY to have it back.. I am open to any suggestions!

Thanks for reading, Sara
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Hi...wondering, if u had a fall or been involved in a MVA in the past yr or so?

Also, I wonder if ur PCP would do a MRI of ur cervical spine to see if nething is amiss?

It is possible to have a pinched nerve..or herniated disk....or even a loss of the curvature of lordosis...which can cause several diff symptoms....Since meds r not helping I can only suggest testing to rule out what might be going on.

Good luck
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Thank you so much for your advice. Medications are not helping at all, so I am hoping that testing will show results since I am at the end of my rope.

Thank you, Sara
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oh and no, I have not had a fall or accident. I do however, have a fractured spine and the cause is unknown
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A fractured spine?....oh my...well how long have u known about it?
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I found out about the fracture 3 months ago when I was having severe discomfort in my lower back. I got an xray and it turns out that it was my 2nd back fracture. I had had one previously that I was unaware of and it healed on its own.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your problem but I know you will get the answers you need soon!

I knew a girl in a church I used to attend, who would have sudden outbursts similar to yours - hers also included her rattling off phrases or numbers and her not knowing why or having any control over it. Hers ocurred intermittently and they suspected it to be a type of seizure. Most types of seizures can be well controlled with meds. Your fracture could have ocurred at any point I would suppose, such as when you were even younger and it does make one wonder if your sudden crying spells and other symptoms are rooted in that injury - certainly sounds like a strong possibility.

I wish you the best with it hon and will say a prayer for you. I'm a dad of age-20 daugther, who is now attending college, so my heart goes out to you!
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Thank you for your post. I have had an EEG which tests brain function/waves and would show if it was seizure related. I got the results back from my bone density scan today ( since the reason for the fractures is unknown) and my bones are fine, so we still don't know why any of this is happening! Its so frustrating..especially since I have been dealing with it for almost a yr. and its debilitating. I have considered the back injury and the crying spells being related, but am unable to come up with a link, and no one else is either. Thank you for your kind words!

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You may need even more blood tests because I can assure you they haven't covered every possibility yet. There are things such as vitamin levels for example that can have a profound affect when they become deficient (D, E, B6 and B12). They may just simply need to keep looking until they find the cause and sometimes this is a long process of elimination.

The drepression diagnosis your doctor originally resorted-to, is reported by so many patients who were later found to have true medical problems (I'm one of them) that it reveals a disturbing trend. I must balance that by saying there are fabulous doctors who do take more interest, time and care for difficult cases and if you get any inkling that one is not doing so, in light of your symptoms that have been life-altering for you, I would seek a referral to another specialist.

Used-to, it was taboo to point out less-than-adequate doctors, however, even the U.S. National Institutes of Health and other medical groups are starting to warn about doctor burn-out, etc... and are also beginning to educate the public to look for signs of this. I've had people doubt me on this and I've referred them to the sources for this and they are amazed at how this type thing is somewhat in denial by most of the public and especially by some in the medical community.

Bottom line: Make sure that you, with help of your parents, are attending a quality, compassionate doctor.

God Bless You, as you go through this diagnostic process and I know when your diagnosis is zero'd-in on, that you'll be doing better by leaps and bounds with proper treatment! Try to be 'patient' because you'll get there and our hopes and prayers are with you!
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I know I just wish the process was more efficient since I am now having to look at attending college at a later time, and I really want to go.
What you said about doctors is very true. In the past year I have run into many doctors that wouldn't even give me the time of day. It's so hard to not throw in the towel when I feel like no one is listening to me or like I'll never be better.Everyday is a battle and I just have to keep fighting. I never would have thought this would happen to me. It's kind words like your though that keep me going, thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. It's been extremely difficult on my family as well!
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That's exactly right, in regard to doctors not listening or listening selectively, so that they only hear part of what you are saying. I have actually left doctors for that reason, to find ones willing to listen and not keep me on a time clock. At the same time, I'm respectful of their time and do not feel I've ever taken advantage of it (despite how detailed I sometime am on forum posts).

Here's are two quotes from medical organizations regarding doctor-patient communication:

The National Academy of Medicine: “Establishing and maintaining strong partnerships between health care providers and patients is crucial to reducing medical errors."

Mack Lipkin MD, founding president of the American Academy on Physician and Patient: "An activated patient who asks questions and negotiates with the doctor has better outcomes …The most important predictor of compliance is trust in the doctor; that begins with communication."

I hope your current doctor(s) have also tested other hormone levels, like your adrenal and sex ones. I've known people who had symptoms that would not seem related to these type things but it ends up being their problem. My suspicion is that they have tested these already or are planning to, plus many other things likely yet to be tested.

I've offered up a prayer for you today and you'll be in my prayers and that of my family. I know you'll have much better days ahead, so just keep hanging in there, answers are on their way.
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I agree with the quotes, if a dr. isn't receptive to what the patient is relaying about their condition then they could miss a critical piece of information leading to the diagnosis. It is very important to have a good patient dr. relationship and communication is key. I have an endocrine apmt. fpr the 3rd. I'm going to ask that any test that can be run be looked into
Once again thank you so much for the prayers!
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