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I am seeing a new neurologist tomorrow (Thursday) and I know they will want to put me on a preventative medication.  Can you tell me what has worked for you with minimal side effects.  I have an Eating disorder too, so anything that causes weight gain will just make my problems worse.
Please advise!
Many Thanks.
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sorry I do not have any info for u, but want to wish u well with ur dr visit.just be sure to explain the situation, I am sure he/she will work with u.

Good luck
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Thanks for writing in.
Beta blockers are the most commonly prescribed preventive treatment for migraine and are considered very effective. Propranolol is the most widely used beta blocker for migraine. Some of the older beta blockers like Atenolol and Metoprolol have been assocated with weight gain.
Topamax is anticonvulsant drug but also a widely used migraine preventive medication. It does take some time to show its effect. Topamax causes weight loss.
Other options include Methysergide and Depakote. Please remember no medication is without side effects but the extent and nature of side effects vary from person to person.
Please discuss these options with your doctor and keep us posted!
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I have been seeing a Pain Management Dr for several months now.  I have severe pain in my (spelling not going to be right), sacreal joint.  I also have tares in my L-4. L-5 disks.
I have been in pain for the last 9 years.  When you look at my MRI and xrays of the pelvic and hip areas they are solid with arthritis.  I have been on Oxycodne 5mg, and now 20 mg of oxeycontin.  One of the 20mgs twice a day, and 5 of the other during the day as needed.  The Dr has done one SI joint injection, and now want to another.  I do not want anymore shots.  Cortizone makes me gain and become huge, and I do mean huge.  Well, if I do not have the SI injection he will cut of my meds.  If  this injection does not work, then he wants to do a radio something or other.  I feel that I am being held medically hostage over my meds.  I will go through withdrawls if do not have the injection. Even my family dr feels I am being pressured, and says I should find a new DR.  I really do not want to go through all of that again.  Please tell me  your take  on all of this.  Thank you for your time.
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from shelley568, HI, I am going thru the same thing with my back with the injections except I have degenerated disc disease and 10 buldging disc in my back. My left hand and fingers are totally numb. I also have a disease called psudotumorcerebihypertension. Which means I have too high of spinal fluid pressure and fluid in my brain. I have a shunt in my back. I live with severe pain 24/7. My pain dr. only has me on percocet 10mg's three times a day. He also wants to do the cortizone shot on me. I dont think its gonna work I have had them before, I never gained weight but they never worked. I just can't believe he will not give me anything else for pain. This *****. I just moved to texas from georgia and I used to be on oxycodone and this new medicine does not work at all. The ptc disease that I have also causes severe I mean severe headaches... I would if I were u find another doctor. The same as I am gonna do really soon. I can't handle this much longer, at least not sanely. Good luck and it's nice to meet u!!!! shelley PS. read my profile and my question it was November the 8th about 10:30 pm. Good luck. shelley
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